HZO Protected World

Can HZO make electronics waterproof? We have the technology. We have the expertise. We have the knowledge. But protecting some of the world’s most complicated and sought after devices from water and liquid damage often requires more than a coating, gasket or mechanical seal alone–device makers need total protection solutions.

That’s why we collaborate closely with the designers and manufacturers of electronics. HZO provides end-to-end solutions that meet the protection needs of our customers by systematically analyzing the things that make a device work, and the events that cause them to fail, in order to help build better products.

No one should have to worry about loosing a smartphone, tablet, e-reader, wearable or any other electronic device due to damage caused by water or other liquids. HZO delivers unrivaled solutions with performance that goes far beyond standardized tests like IPX7 & IP67.

Do you want the freedom to use your electronics anywhere? Welcome to your HZO Protected World.

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