HzO WaterBlock: “Thirsty for More?” (2013 CES Video Contest Winner)

HzO and WaterBlock™ blew people away with their live demonstrations of HzO’s WaterBlock technology in not just water, but soda, coffee, orange juice, and beer at the 2013 CES in Las Vegas, NV! See the video that started it all, with a peek at what HzO and WaterBlock can do to phones, tablets, and other electronic devices!

HzO, Inc., based in Draper, Utah, is an industry leader in the field of thin-film nanotechnology, and creator of the revolutionary WaterBlock technology. HzO’s WaterBlock protects whatever it is applied to from contaminating particles, humidity, and liquids without the additional bulk, weight, or change to aesthetics added by traditional water-protection methods.

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