5 Things To Know To Achieve Reliability And Resiliency In The Evolving Industrial Landscape

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In this webinar, you will learn:​

  1. How digital transformation sparked demand for devices that can be resilient against corrosion and liquid damage.
  2. How protecting components used for asset management and critical operational devices reduces the total cost of ownership (TCO).
  3. Specific application examples within Industrial, Utilities, Distributed Energy Resources, and Infrastructure market segments.
  4. Why stakeholders are turning to thin-film alternatives and nanocoatings instead of traditional protection methods.
  5. Why thin-film alternatives and nanocoatings are an ideal way to minimize electronic failures, even in the harshest industrial environments.

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Energy & Industrial markets keep the world running smoothly as they manage critical infrastructures. The products and services in these segments enable everything from commerce, construction, and operation – benefits so diverse and vital that they have catapulted the industrial space into a period of incredible change.

By 2025, the global market size for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is expected to reach $110.6 billion. Big-data is driving this market success. Industrial systems and appliances have been brought online to deliver smart analytics, critical information generated from machines that have optimized and modified processes to lower cost, prevent downtime, and increase safety. We are sharing how thin-film alternatives and nanocoatings can help industrial electronics stay reliable as the landscape continues to evolve.


Marco Machi

Industrial & Energy Industry Expert