Design for Reliability: Four Thin-Film Conformal Coating Practices that Will Make or Break Your Electronic Product’s Performance

This webinar is critical for anyone looking to understand current and next-generation thin-film conformal coatings as well as best practices for achieving reliable, repeatable, and scalable outcomes. You will realize new opportunities for electronic protection, next-generation conformal, and nanocoatings that provide superior protection for their thickness level. You’ll also hear how some of the biggest names in the business have used cutting-edge DFX, and DFM approaches to leapfrog the competition, providing a better customer and client experience, whether it’s a consumer or medical device, automotive or industrial application, or one of the millions of IoT opportunities.

In this on-demand webinar, you will learn:​

  1. Why traditional methods of protection, like mechanical seals, fall short
  2. How great designs lead to fewer downstream issues and generate a compelling business
  3. How thin-film conformal and nanocoatings provide enhanced device protection
  4. Four fundamental coating properties to understand to ensure success
  5. Three things to know about coating material selection
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