Engineered Reliability

Safeguarding Electrical Components and Devices with Nanocoating Technology

Thin-film nanocoatings can protect critical electronic circuitry that is used throughout a variety of applications and can be a powerful solution to implement to ensure reliability. Only requiring nanometers to microns-thin coating, plasma-enhanced nanocoatings are dense, highly cross-linked, multilayer films that create a physical and chemical barrier around components to enable an envelope around the circuitry at a molecular level. The result is dependable functionality in harsh environments that may include moisture, sweat, etc. Plasma-enhanced nanocoatings leverage various liquids and gas chemistries to provide fast deposition cycles that are repeatable and scalable to projects of different sizes, use environments, and performance standards.

In this webinar, you will learn:​

  1. How PECVD processes offer advantages over traditional conformal coating techniques
  2. How multilayered coatings reduce thickness required for effective barrier protection
  3. How coatings can assist with not only component protection but dielectric benefits as well 


Richard Weiland

Director, Nanocoating Applications

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