Engineered Reliability

Four Critical Thin-film Conformal Coating Practices to Safeguard Your Electronic Product Design

This technical presentation will prove valuable for any product design team member seeking to understand best practices for achieving repeatable, reliable outcomes, as well as anyone interested in the difference between current conformal coatings and protective thin-film coatings.

Within every great product is an exceptional design, one that ensures electronic components can withstand electrical loads, humidity, vibration, corrosion, and temperature extremes. The challenge of environment protection has contributed to the popularity of thin-film conformal coatings, particularly Parylene, as traditional protection methods such as thick-film conformal coatings and mechanical disclosures are displaced. Thin-film materials provide superior liquid and corrosion protection, along with compelling dielectric and thermal advantages to ensure reliability.

In this webinar, you will learn:​

  • Why traditional protection methods do not suit next-generation devices.
  • How thin-film conformal coatings provide enhanced product protection.
  • Four fundamental coating practices to understand to ensure success.
  • How to select the most suitable coating material and process.


Dusty Askin

Senior Director, Application Engineering

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