How To Incorporate Conformal Coating Into Your Manufacturing Process

How do you implement conformal coatings into the manufacturing process effectively and reliably? How does your NPD/NPI team turn something that experts consider “as much art as science” into a process your DFM and Ops team consider repeatable and production ready? Join us as we walk you through the process flow for conformal coating, so that you can walk away with critical knowledge about pertinent manufacturing issues, curing and polymerization processes, cleaning and surface preparation, post coating processes, and more.

In this on-demand webinar, you will learn:​

  1. The process flow for conformal coating from beginning to end
  2. How to achieve a consistent, repeatable process that meets business requirements
  3. About considerations such as quality, scalability, and throughput
  4. How to address manufacturing issues, including cross-contamination, VOCs, flammability, and toxicity
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