Risk, Reliability & Revenue

The Business Case for Protective Nanocoatings

As a product stakeholder, you’ve put significant time and effort into developing a sustainable, cost-efficient electronic product that works as expected – until they don’t. As your product deploys into environments with corrosives, contaminants, splashes, spills, humidity, and more, reliability can become a critical challenge. But overcoming the reliability obstacle will allow your organization to minimize downtime, warranty claims, repairs, and service calls.

The business of manufacturing connected devices doesn’t have to be a gamble. You can minimize risk while maximizing reliability amid common environmental threats, driving revenue growth and brand value. The answer is straightforward: protective nanocoatings offer exceptional protection and business value.

In this webinar, you will learn:​

  1. How to get ahead of the competition with better product performance.
  2. Why traditional conformal coatings fall short of business expectations.
  3. How nanocoatings can reduce returns, warranty claims & service calls.
  4. How to ensure you’re mitigating unseen product reliability risks.
  5. Why liability and recalls have to do with protection, not products.


Stephen Gold

Chief Business Officer

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