Proven Methods for Achieving Advanced Product Performance and Protection From Corrosive Environments


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Corrosion is the #1 cause of failure in electronics and can wreak havoc on the world around us overall. In the 2020 NACE International federal study, annual corrosion costs were estimated at $3.6 trillion in direct costs (structural, infrastructure, and more), not factoring indirect costs or including the electronics industry. In HZO’s latest technical webinar, we’ll tackle what hands-on steps you can take to prevent corrosion and failure on your next project.

In this webinar, you will learn:​

  1. How electric component failures have sparked demand for devices designed to decrease direct and indirect corrosion costs.
  2. How coating performance with Salt Fog, Flowers-of-Sulfur, and Mixed Flowing Gas (MFG) can be successful.
  3. Physical and dielectric barriers that protect underlying electronics from external contamination and electrical shorting.
  4. Why engineers are turning to thin-film alternatives and nanocoatings as an ideal way to prevent corrosion and reduce costs.

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It has been determined that implementing corrosion prevention best practices and strategies could yield global savings of between 15-35% of the damage costs.

HZO will demonstrate through test results and case trials how thin-film alternatives and nanocoatings can provide excellent protection from solid, liquid, and gaseous forms of contamination and corrosion prevention.


Sean Clancy, Ph.D.

Dr. Clancy, Director of Coating Technology at HZO and Anti-Corrosion Expert, has Authored 19 Publications with four Co-Authored Publications, two Patent Applications; Delivered over 550 Individual Projects and $1M+ Revenue in Root Cause Failure Analysis. 

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