Proven Methods for Achieving Advanced Product Performance and Protection From Corrosive Environments​ – Webinar Recording

Corrosion is the #1 cause of failure in electronics. In the 2016 NACE International federal study, annual corrosion costs were estimated at $2.5 trillion in direct costs, not factoring indirect costs or including the electronics industry. In HZO’s latest technical webinar, we’ll tackle what hands-on steps you can take to prevent corrosion and failure on your next project.

In this on-demand webinar, you will learn:​

  1. How electric component failures have sparked demand for devices designed to decrease direct and indirect corrosion costs.
  2. How coating performance with Salt Fog, Flowers-of-Sulfur, and Mixed Flowing Gas (MFG) can be successful.
  3. Physical and dielectric barriers that protect underlying electronics from external contamination and electrical shorting.
  4. Why engineers are turning to thin-film alternatives and nanocoatings as an ideal way to prevent corrosion and reduce costs.
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