Proven Methods for Achieving Advanced Product Performance and Protection From Corrosive Environments​

While off-the-shelf enclosures have historically been used to provide basic product protection, trends including ruggedization, miniaturization, and cost-cutting measures are prompting engineers to explore new options. Enclosures add bulk, weight, and expenses that can introduce considerable design constraints. Additionally, most enclosures are built to prevent the ingress of water, solvents, and dust, presenting reliability threats when the case itself is compromised.

Thin-film coatings and nanocoatings protect at a sub-assembly and PCB level with beneficial features such as dielectric properties and thermal management at minimal thinness. Using thin-film coatings, designers can eliminate sub-enclosures, cut excess costs, weight and bulk, or augment enclosures for failsafe reliability. Is it time to rethink your electronic component protection strategy?

In this on-demand webinar, you will learn:​

  1. See how designers are rethinking enclosures in favor of alternative solutions
  2. Discover how nanocoatings impact design when it comes to enclosure considerations
  3. Learn how to engineer cost out of the product while eliminating bulk and weight
  4. Discover the ins and out of meeting NEMA and IP requirements with nanocoatings
  5. Find out how to improve product performance and protection with thin-film alternatives
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