HZO: the next generation of water protection.

HZO’s revolutionary technologies and unique processes make electronics waterproof and resistant to corrosion. By applying thin-film materials directly to printed circuit board assemblies (PCBAs), sensors and other components during manufacturing, HZO can protect electronics from accidental splashes, sweat, humidity, industrial liquids, and even full submersion.

A decade of relentless discovery and continuous innovation.

Since our inception, HZO has operated under one specific goal; to offer a superior water and environmental protection for electronics. Years of innovation culminated in the exciting announcement of our fully commercialized liquid protection solution in 2012. HZO hasn’t stopped pushing forward, continually innovating, enhancing and validating our technology to better meet and exceed market needs and offer a superior and unmatched turn-key solution for manufacturers and brands.

HZO is proud to have its world-class protection featured publicly on many top-tier brand’s products including Nike, Kobo, Motorola, Dell, and more. HZO has worked hand-in-hand with these and many unnamed companies from various industries to ensure superior protection and quality by utilizing our proprietary ecosystem of protection.

World-class Leadership

HZO is led by a diverse leadership team from around the world. Each are qualified experts in their respective fields, doing their part to ensure HZO and our customers succeed.

Simone Maraini

Chief Executive Officer

Simone Maraini joined HZO in December 2014 to lead the expansion of HZO into Europe. Along with his strong financial and M&A experience, Mr. Maraini has worked with leading manufacturing companies across several of HZO’s target industries including aerospace and defense. Prior to joining HZO, Simone was the CFO of Alenia North America, where revenues rapidly grew from $25 million to $320 million, a prime contractor for the U.S. government. He also held the same position for Global Aeronautica, a joint venture between The Boeing Company and Alenia Aermacchi. Simone earned his bachelor’s degree in Law from Universita La Sapienza in Italy and completed the Executive Management program (AMP178) at Harvard Business School. He is fluent in multiple languages including Italian, English, French and Spanish.

Andreas Morr

Chief Operational Officer

Andreas Morr joined HZO in 2013 as vice president of engineering & manufacturing and now serves as the company’s chief operating officer. Mr. Morr is a global senior operations executive with broad industry experience involving high volume manufacturing operations, quality, strategic logistics development and central customer services in hyper growth organizations. Mr. Morr’s expertise lies in consumer and industrial applications as well as a background in executive leadership, including various global roles in several Fortune 500 companies. Experience includes 20+ years in global operations management as well as the manufacturing & supply chain environment. Mr. Morr holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the Chamber of Industry & Trade in Essen, Germany and completed the Executive Management Program at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Mr. Morr is a patent holder and speaks fluent German.

Don Metzger

Chief Sales Officer

Don Metzger joined HZO in February 2016 and has risen to the role of Chief Revenue Officer. Don brings to HZO over 20 years of experience in building technology companies for mobile touch technology, graphic systems, semiconductor design and healthcare ventures for growth markets. Experience includes cross-cultural dynamics and international business practices in Europe, Asia, India, and North America. Don holds a B.S. Degree in Industrial Design from the University of Cincinnati and has patents for Television Scheduling System, Universal Remote Controller.

Glen M. Marder

Chief Financial Officer

Glen M. Marder joined HZO in November 2016 to lead the financial and administrative operations of HZO. Prior to HZO, Mr. Marder has held multiple senior and executive level management positions at both public and private companies ranging size from $25 to $800 million dollars in revenue. With 30 years of experience and leadership in finance, operations and general management, Mr. Marder brings broad leadership and execution management skills with analytical, contextually based thinking and planning that will help fuel HZO’s continued growth and profitability. Mr. Marder, a CPA, started his career at KPMG and graduated from the University of Illinois with highest honors.

Zsolt Pulai

Vice President, Engineering

Zsolt Pulai joined HZO in 2017 as Vice President of Engineering. Prior to HZO, Mr. Pulai was the CEO of ZPL Technologies–a manufacturing system deployment partner that proved critical in the development and deployment of proprietary HZO protective layering equipment into various manufacturing settings. Mr. Pulai’s equipment experience includes 10+ years designing deposition equipment for the thin film solar industry. Prior to this, Mr. Pulai was a software engineering consultant leading manufacturing control systems and other software development initiatives, including for his family’s tool-and-die business in Hungary, which makes high-end manufacturing equipment for companies such as Audi and Phillips. Mr. Pulai holds degrees in Software Engineering, Embedded Programming and Factory Automation Engineering from Szecheny University in Gyor, Hungary. He has an MBA Degree in Business Strategy from the MBA Institute and is a Scrum Master Certified Engineer.

HZO is ready to protect
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HZO engineers work with you during development to create a component-level defense and achieve the best possible IP rating for your device.

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