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Nothing is quite as devastating to an electronic device than liquids. We’ve all been there, the moment our technology takes a swim, slips out of our pocket into a puddle (or worse), or simply gets splashed by our favorite beverage. It is estimated that over 300M phones are damaged every year costing the industry in excess of $100B. Protecting our electronics has become a new consumer requisite, one in which we have learned the hard way that all protection is not created equal.

The benefit of waterproofing to the consumer is obvious. But there’s also significant benefit to the brand as well – fewer returns, reduced warranty claims, greater customer satisfaction, and of course follow on sales.

The following are examples where liquid and dust protection can make a difference in consumer electronics.


Ebooks alone, account for 41% of all book purchases in America, with over 90.5 million people owning an eReader of some kind. Beyond battery life, water protection is the most requested feature in a tablet or eReader product. However, unlike the battery which can be recharged, liquid damage is typically permanent and catastrophic. It’s no wonder that leading OEMs have chosen to protect their devices from the environment and whatever the typical consumer encounter. After all, life happens.

EReader devices are not the only leisure devices at risk. Wireless headsets have become the rage in recent years with tens of millions being sold every year. They come in a variety of styles including in-ear, on ear, and over the ear. Regardless, they are subject to sweat and moisture, creating one of the toughest conditions to protect from. Outdoor speakers are exposed to everything from sea spray to pool chlorination. The latest fad – motorized scooters, skateboards and ebikes, all have critical electronics that control their operation but are in harms way from daily exposure to the elements.

Protecting electronics starts with great design. Mechanical seals, the rubberized gasket that is intended to seal a device and keep water and dust out, break down, add weight, and just don’t look great. Next generation thin-film solutions have proven they can protect from the inside out, adding exceptional protection without any drawback.


Fitness trackers, smart watches, and cell phones can all track data that can give us real-time information about our vital statistics, overall health, and fitness progress. Fitness trackers alone, currently a $2.66B dollar industry, are projected to increase to $3.33B by 2022. The printed circuit boards found in these devices can be exposed to sweat, splashes, steam in saunas, and other harmful substances.

Device failure due to moisture ingress (i.e. liquids getting in) causes increased warranty costs, logistics, and repairs, and can tarnish brand value. HZO is capable of waterproofing and protecting the smallest parts in every single one of these electrical components with guaranteed thickness and coverage, based on your design, and waterproofing needs.

Safety and Security

When it comes to safety and security, no price can be placed on the peace of mind knowing that your electronic locks, video doorbells, outdoor cameras, or security systems will function at the moment of truth. This comes with the confidence your electronics are properly protected and can withstand everything mother nature has to offer.

Many security cameras are exposed to outdoor elements 24/7. Revenue from smart home security components are predicted to go from ~$10.75B to $28.20B by 2023. That’s over a 100% increase in components that will need protection from the weather. Having any of these devices fail due to the electrical components becoming exposed to moisture, dust, pollution, corrosive substances, chemicals, and more, can cost valuable information and compromise safety in the event a home or business experiences vandalism, theft, or other crime.

What about something as important as tracking your pet’s identity or location with a chip? GPS technology for pets, alone, is scheduled to jump from $635M dollars for sensors, GPS units, and RFID chips to almost $1B by 2022. Of course, GPS locators are useful to track inventory from vehicles to inventory, or carried or worn by an individual venturing into unknown or hazardous environments. These GPS electronics are at risk of being exposed to rain, splashes, submersion, corrosive salts, and other substances while at work or at play.

Security can’t be left to chance, especially the chance of critical devices failing due to water or liquid damage. Safeguard your life and your bottom line by ensuring safety and security devices perform reliably with HZO.


Consumer devices are here to stay, and they need to be protected to last longer despite exposure to common environments such as baths, rain, soaps, sweat, pool water, and more. HZO excels in waterproofing electronics and enabling waterproof wearable technology. Whether your protection needs requires an industry staple solution or the most exotic thin-film formulation, HZO’s Spectrum of ProtectionTM can deliver to the most demanding requirements, easily scaling for mass production, and delivering an unparalleled level of protection – guaranteed!

Remember: If it doesn’t say HZO, you’re not truly protected.

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