What if you could reduce repairs and warranty costs while increasing customer satisfaction?

How would it feel to work with a company with proven manufacturing processes? Does the thought of tens of millions of dollars in damaged brand reputation and product returns keep you up at night? If this is the case, augment and empower your organization with the scalable, reliable electronic protection of thin-film coatings.


On average, Americans check their phones every 12 minutes. Our current lifestyles are dependent on these devices to keep us connected. It’s hard to remember life without this technology at our fingertips – until the phone glitches or stops functioning completely in the middle of our daily activities, and we find ourselves without the electronics we depend on.

Although consumer electronics are convenient and improve our daily lives, the circuitry inside devices is fragile and prone to failure due to prevailing environmental conditions. The repercussions of water-damaged devices are overwhelming. HZO’s technology will make these costs and damages a thing of the past.


It is estimated that over 300 million phones are destroyed every year, costing the industry over $100 billion.

Challenges For A Connected World

Life’s ordinary circumstances are detrimental to today’s devices. These conditions include usage in the rain, exposure to dust in a pocket or purse, a spill from a beverage, or sweat exporsure to name a few.

If your organization is experiencing excessive returns, exorbitant repair requests, or warranty claims as a result of damage from exposure to these conditions, this can be a considerable challenge.

All outdoor protection is not created equal. We have seen through our research, that some manufacturers deliver “good-enough” electronic protection for labs, but not for life.

HZO recognizes these repeated challenges, which is why we built the processes, acquired the skills, and accumulated the resources to safeguard your products with effective protection through our thin-film coatings.


Challenges Faced By Consumer Electronics Companies

  • The difficulty of deciding upon proper electronic protection from dust, water, humidity, or sweat.
  • Fighting to protect your product in traditional, though unsuccessful ways. Doubt that comes with placing your brand reputation into the hands of an unknown protection vendor.
  • Doubt that comes with placing your brand reputation into the hands of an unknown protection vendor.

Overcoming the Challenges

Do you seek a solution that may cost less than repairing broken products? Are you looking to differentiate yourself in a competitive, fragmented landscape with reduced warranty claims and repairs?

Our HZO branded series of solutions are the next-generation of leading protective coatings:

How we design and manufacture protection solutions for you

HZO focuses on creating tight run-to-run repeatability with unique attributes to ensure consistent protection, such as customization of temperature, pressure, materials, coverage, and environmental considerations.

We can also rise to mass-scale production within a specified budget or deadline.Our proprietary, cube-shaped thin-film coating chambers allow for greater scalability than the average. With the combination of our in-house designed equipment, tested processes, and chemistry, our throughput can be two times faster than industry standard.


Our conformal coatings are designed to protect your consumer electronics from:

Bodily fluids



Water damage



Corrosive substances

Delivering Real Value

Exceeding Standards

We can exceed IPX8 standards and configure our coverages to meet your needs. Whether you’re looking for a competitive price-point, or the most powerful protection, we have a coating to cover most needs and all IP ratings.


a tablet working while submerged underwater because of HZO's electronic protective coatings
protective coating scientists deciding which coating to choose to protect an electronic device

A Precise Partner

We’re not a “one-size-fits-all solution” to protecting what matters most to you. We’re a partner that works with you every step of the design process to provide a custom solution to meet all your needs, from product to worker’s safety to profitability.


Endless Menu of Solutions

Our Spectrum of Protection™ portfolio allows us to create protective thin films tailored to your electronics, from the durability of Parylene to the customization and competitive price point of Plasma-based nanocoatings and hybrid alternative coating solutions.


an electronic GPS attached to a bike working in the rain thanks to HZO's protective coatings
an electronic pcb submerged in water

Coating Connoisseurs

We understand the intricacies of the consumer electronic marketplace and the consequences of a PCB failure due to shorts or corrosion. We’re the coating expert for you, providing a complete turnkey solution with guaranteed results.


Flexible Business Models

We deliver our coating as a service in one of our cutting-edge factories or can bring our technology to you as part of our Factory-in-Factory solution.


Segments We Serve

Over 90.5 million people own an eReader of some kind.

Handheld Devices

Beyond battery life, water protection is the most requested feature in a tablet or eReader product. Unlike a battery that can be recharged, liquid damage is typically permanent.

eReaders are not the only handheld devices at risk. Hearables skyrocketed in popularity recently, with tens of millions sold yearly. These devices are subject to sweat and moisture, creating some of the harshest conditions that handheld devices encounter. HZO’s technology ends these concerns; zero customer warranty claims are attributed to coating issues.

Wearable Devices

The printed circuit boards found in fitness trackers, smartwatches, and cell phones can be exposed to sweat, splashes, steam in saunas, and other harmful substances. Each of these devices tracks data that can give us real-time information about our vital statistics, fitness progress, and overall health.

Device failure due to moisture ingress can cause increased warranty cost, logistics and repairs as well as tarnishing of brand value.

Currently a $2.66B industry, fitness trackers are projected to increase to $3.33B by 2022.
Revenue from smart home security components is predicted to go from $10.75 billion to $28.20 billion by 2023.

Safety and Security

When it comes to safety and security, no price can be placed on the peace of mind knowing that your electronic locks, video doorbells, outdoor cameras, and security systems will function when it matters most. Many smart home security cameras are exposed to outdoor elements 24/7. Having any of these devices fail due to exposure to moisture, dust, pollution, corrosive substances, and chemicals can cost valuable information and compromise safety and security.

Safeguard your bottom line by ensuring safety and security devices reliably perform with thin-film nanocoatings for electronic devices.

Why HZO?

Whether your protection needs require an industry staple solution or the most novel thin-film formulation, HZO’s Spectrum of Protection™ can deliver to the most demanding requirements and meet your production scale with dependable results.

Benefit from fewer returns, increased customer satisfaction, and improved brand reputation that separates you from the competition. Contact us today for customized protection for your unique needs.


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