Capital Conformal Coating Equipment

HZO understands that to successfully protect the critical components and electronic circuitry that keep the lights on, cars running, and mobile phones communicating, it takes the perfect recipe – namely: one-part process, one-part people, one-part chemistry, and one-part capital equipment. We searched the world over for the perfect piece of coating equipment and when we realized it didn’t exist, we built it ourselves. Today we hold dozens of patents on the physical hardware, structures, and features that help define our ability to protect electronics and their circuit boards. Whether it’s one piece or one hundred million, our conformal coating systems can consistently, reliably, and cost competitively protect your electronic assemblies.

Our Coating Application Methods

Our coating equipment uses vapor deposition processes, including chemical vapor deposition, instead of dip coating systems, brush coating, or conformal coating spray/dispensed application.

No one in the protective coating business understands more than we do when it comes to applying thin-film coatings or thin-film coating technology. Our nano-coatings and conformal coating equipment are both designed and built to the strictest of standards, ensuring from the first run to the last, we turn out the highest quality vapor deposition coatings.

We are so confident in our technology that we guarantee our results!

protective coating scientists deciding which coating to choose to protect an electronic device

Quality: Why We Design and Build Our Own Coating Equipment

Dependency on physical things is a well understood phenomena in the world in which we live. Whether it’s the reliability of our coffee maker, dependability of our cars, a cell signal from the local tower, or the meter that monitors our utilities, when physical things fail, they wreak havoc. When it comes to conformal coating equipment and circuit board assembly there is no exception. HZO designs, develops, builds, delivers, deploys, and operates its own machinery and capital equipment. We found it’s the only way we can ensure safe, efficient, cost-effective waterproofing coating systems, all in an environmentally favorable fashion. I guess you could say we’re a bit demanding when it comes to the hardware that protects the world we live in.

A device shouldn’t fail just because it’s been exposed to moisture, salt, dust, fog, humidity, rain, sweat, sticky liquids, or submersion.


parylene coating equipment

Predictability: It’s in the Coating Chamber

When it comes to delivering world-class consistent coating solutions, chambers matter. They’re the medium by which HZO’s physical protective coating is delivered, cycle after cycle, day after day. Our chamber design is higher than the current industry standard, optimized in size and shape to ensure even vapor deposition, managed real-time by state-of-the-art software and controllers that continually measure temperature, pressure, and other critical data points (of course, we wrote the software and continually monitor the performance of our machines).

But in our line of work, chambers are not only used for the application of plasma-based processes and various chemical compositions parylene coatings (see Spectrum of Protection) but are equally as essential to removing materials (typically using inert gases) from assemblies, sub-assemblies, and circuit board level products. This is a process known as plasma etching.

When we began our search for an adequate plasma chamber, we discovered most off-the-shelf equipment was purpose-built and didn’t accommodate or optimize for varying chamber applications. Consequently, HZO again turned in-house to deliver a multi-purpose proprietary technology equally well suited to plasma deposition as etching.

We even thought about the simple things. Our chamber door is oversized to allow for efficient loading and unloading of the racks and fixtures. Our next generation machine features an optional sliding door to accommodate hands free automated loading, critical for sensitive parts and accelerated throughput.

For over a decade OEMs, ODMs, and contract manufacturers have come to appreciate that if it says HZO, it simply works better.

Precision: Smart Automation Gets the Job Done

HZO puts to work the latest technology when it comes to the physical demands called out in a bill of process. Whether it’s handling sensitive circuity, controlling coating thickness, protecting a connector or test points (i.e. masking), or removing protective measures (i.e. demasking) prior to final assembly, HZO applies true innovation and world class automation, unseen in the industry to date. Each step in the process is executed with extraordinary dexterity and accuracy, ensuring greater throughput, quality, and reduced overhead. The result being a better, more cost-effective dispensing solution. Whether your process requires small batch runs in the hundreds, or inline processes in the millions, HZO has the experience and track record to deliver.

Our Coating Equipment Solutions are More Than Just an On Switch

From the first discussion about protection, sampling, pre-production, mass production and continuous design for manufacturability perfection, HZO looks to optimize the balance of people, process and equipment. Whether it’s tuning the bill of process, defining the bill of equipment, or evolving the bill of material, we understand that the goal is to deliver a protected product, on time and on budget. We’re there (literally) consistently to make sure this happens, helping protect your brand, business, and bottom line.

Our coating machinery and materials have been honed to the point where we can handle the most complex of circuitry, sub-assembly or devices, applying coating materials from our Spectrum of ProtectionTM, in your facility or ours. Our experience allows us to operate:

  • Without damage to the chip, printed circuit board (PCB), printed circuit board assembly (PCBA), or device.
  • Without overstressing the components
  • To the exact tolerances and measurements required.

When it comes to coating masking we use a variety of approaches including fixtures, shadow masks, dispensed products (e.g. glue) and tape. Our UV and hot glue dispensers provide precision placement and protection when masking your PCBs. Our customer designed tape dispensers provide accurate coverage of sensitive parts. The application of masks and fixtures help eliminate material cost and enhance repeatability. HZO works closely with your direct for manufacturing (DFM) team to ensure every design consideration and requirement is met during the pre-coating stage of production.

Post coating, and prior to final assembly and test, HZO manages the removal of masking material (i.e. glue, tape). This can be accomplished with a variety of automated processes, including:

  • Robotics
  • Laser ablation
  • Plasma etching


Performance: It’s in the Design

From the first nut to the last bolt, and every sensor, switch, pipe, pump, and camera in between, HZO is thinking about the quality and consistency of the coating process it delivers. We sweat the details so you don’t have to, ensuring that our parylene coating equipment & machinery is online, optimized, and running smooth to meet your expectations.

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