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Press Releases
February 9, 2021
HZO Announces New Chief Executive Officer
September 8, 2020
HZO Hosts Improving Automotive Electronic Performance in Harsh Service Environments
July 30, 2020
HZO’s Coatings Expert, Sean Clancy, Ph.D. Hosts “Learn Proven Methods for Achieving Advanced Product Performance and Protection from Corrosive Environments” Webinar
In The News
February 23, 2021
Article Highlight: ‘At the Rugged Edge: Protecting Industry 4.0 Devices in Harsh Environments’ HZO’s Stephen Gold in US-Tech Publication
February 18, 2021
Article Highlight: ‘The Protective Nanocoating Market’ HZO’s Stephen Gold in Paint & Coatings Industry Publication
February 17, 2021
Article Highlight: ‘A Second Layer of Safety: Circuit Breaker Coatings’ HZO’s Rachael Lerebours in IPP&T Magazine
September 22, 2020
Sean Clancy, Ph.D. Featured on “Reality Matters” Industry Podcast Series
July 27, 2020
The News & Observer Names HZO in List of 10 Most Valuable Startups
February 24, 2021
Accelerating IT/OT Convergence in Oil & Gas Mission-Critical Platforms
February 19, 2021
Reliability at 400 Feet: Hazardous Environment Protection for Drones
February 12, 2021
Making AR a Reality: Four Hardware Roadblocks to Overcome to Enable Truly Augmented Reality Products
February 10, 2021
I Use Waterproof Enclosures. Why Do I Need Conformal Coating?
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IDTech Ex 2019
CES 2020
Press Kit
November 6, 2019
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