Industrial markets such as oil & gas, utilities, mining, manufacturing, renewables, and more are the markets that keep the world working – the unsung heroes delivering the products and services that enable everything from commerce to comfort.

  • Oil and gas service, equipment, and distribution providers, alone drove 96.78B in market value in 2018.
  • The utility sector contributed to over $300B dollars to the nation’s gross domestic product in 2018.
  • From 2018-2037, it’s predicted that global aerospace services will amount to nearly 6.9T worldwide.

These industrial markets have come a long way in the past 50 years. In many cases, manual has been replaced with automatic, analog has been dominated by digital, simple is now complex – all for the better with the ultimate end goal – reliability. While technology adoption has varied in speed among industrial markets, better solutions, devices and services is real and largely attributed to the advancements in electronics.

As these markets become more dependent on electronics and electronically enabled offerings (e.g. sensors), reliability becomes of paramount importance with the ability of the technology to withstand the elements a key essential. The harsh reality is that these industrial electronics can be prone to failure when exposed to even environmental factors such as water, liquid submersion, sulfuric gasses, and corrosive substances, to name a few. This is true for every industrial market and a reality that can be extremely costly if not addressed quickly.

Oil & Gas

HZO helps keep oil and gas flowing by protecting the electronic used at every step of the exploration, drilling, processing, and distribution process. Components like sensors, switches, transmitters, and things that measure temperature, air velocity, and differential pressure are but a few examples of things that need waterproofing and corrosion protecting.

With a 96.7B annualized market value, not only can having pump or delivery systems fail cost hundreds, thousands, (or more) per day, it can be dangerous. Protecting the industrial electronics inside the machines and computers that monitor ozone, gas, and temperature, can extend the life of the equipment, saving the company money.

HZO provides liquid and corrosion protection solutions found within our Spectrum of ProtectionTM to keep sand, ground water, rain, corrosive gasses, salt fog, and more out, keeping your operations running worry-free.

Public Utilities

Electricity providers have pioneered smart metering, smart grids, utility boxes, and more within their industry. These smart meters and grids have circuitry and technology in them to collect and relay data, sense, count, and monitor. These are extraordinarily critical when it comes to continuity of operation, safety, and cost savings.

To generate energy, some utility providers use hydroelectric generators and or wind farms. Almost assuredly they are exposed to moisture, humidity, water and dust, and need to be protected, regardless of size.

Each of these electrical components is expected to last decades trouble-free. While each of these components may already be enclosed in some sort of protective enclosure, sometimes with a seal or gasket, being exposed 24/7 to all types of weather conditions, can quickly compromise even the most hardened containers.

  • Seals and gaskets weaken and crack over time due to temperature variations.
  • Protective containers can be unintentionally harmed during installation or construction.

Applying a waterproof and protective coating from HZO can provide primary protection, or even a secondary protection, to the electrical components for all public utilities.


Minerals are found in the everyday objects we depend on. Industrial electronics within the mining industry allow operations to be more efficient within production by using faster or cheaper communication methods, increased collaboration, and real-time monitoring of machines and equipment. Different machinery and software systems are designed to keep the miners safe. The electronics deployed in mining environments need to be protected from dust, abrasion, corrosive chemicals, sulfuric gases, water, and highly acidic liquids.

Don’t let your backup generator system or RFID tags in your miner’s helmets fail due to exposure to environmental variables. Proper electronic protection against hazardous environments within mines can protect lives and livelihoods as well as a company’s reputation and business.

HZO has coated hundreds of different types of electrical components and can easily scale up to meet the most aggressive demands.


As our ability to harvest energy from renewable sources increases, the electronics found in everything from solar panels to wind generators are expected to last decades without issue. Wind turbines typically contain around 8,000 different parts, exposed 24/7 to whatever mother nature wants to dish out. The sensors, power systems, and other electrical components can be subject to rain, wind, salt fog, and other environmental hazards.

The waterproofing for components found inside solar panels may be different than the type of coating needed for components found in wind generators. HZO offers plasma-based nano coatings, Parylene conformal coatings, and solutions in between, that can be applied on a microscopic level without adding weight to the components.

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