Protective coating solutions - parylene & more

At HZO we know what it takes to be successful in electronic component protection at mass manufacturing levels. For a decade, HZO has been the leader in electronic component protection, providing scalable solutions to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). HZO takes a different stance from traditional electronic component protection methods by protecting the internal components of a device first, allowing you to produce a more warrantable and protected product.

Turnkey Solution

When it comes to protecting your electronics, we’ve got you covered! No one has advanced the science of thin film coating technology further or faster than HZO. We offer a complete turnkey solution by bringing together dedicated people with domain knowledge, proven manufacturing processes, advanced nano coating materials, and the industry’s most state-of-the-art equipment, to create tailored solutions to meet customer requirements.


The world has become dependent on connected devices, whether the simple convenience of a smartphone or the mission-critical dependency on an autonomous vehicle.  The majority of these devices will be subject over their lifetime to varying environmental, industrial, and in-home challenges, including rain, humidity, salt fog, corrosive liquids, and more. Learn how to protect your device from the elements.

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HZO makes waterproofing our products easy. We don’t even have to think about it anymore as it’s just part of our development cycle now.”
- Ramesh Mantha,
 Vice President of Product - Rakuten Kobo


There is real science behind thin film coatings which we capture in our intellectual property portfolio. In some ways it’s a story of our history and what we have learned about everything from chemistry to mechanical properties, and proprietary processes along the way.


The planet deserves our protection and HZO is doing its part. HZO prides itself in being a leader in responsible manufacturing, supporting the elimination of pollution threats to the environment.

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