Intellectual Property

There is real science behind our conformal coatings which we capture in our intellectual property portfolio. In some ways it’s a story of our history and what we’ve learned about everything from chemistry to mechanical properties, and proprietary processes along the way.

From the beginning, HZO has systematically designed solutions from the ground up, working to optimize everything we do to protect the world in which you live. Our portfolio of intellectual property supports and strengthens our leadership in liquid protection, submersion protection, moisture protection, waterproofing, and coating to prevent corrosion and protect from the elements.

HZO’s IP portfolio is the foundation of differentiation when it comes to HZO’s leadership in the market. It enables us to excel at any size program, coat with extraordinary consistency, deliver a diversity of materials, processed at yields that set the industry standard, and provide a world-class, cost-competitive, superior coating.

Backing our claims is a library of over 370 patents, trade secrets and trademark filings that bring together our:

Not just anyone can deliver the comprehensive and competitive coating solutions that meet market needs day in and day out. HZO understands the science and has the experience to prescriptively deliver the right solution to address every customer’s needs. Anyone can take ingredients and call it waterproofing and electronics protection, but it’s our experience, our materials, along with how it’s delivered that sets us apart.

Our Philosophy of Portfolio Management

Our IP philosophy is grounded in the notion that innovation is a journey, not a destination. That takes a tireless commitment to pioneering next generation manufacturing, material science, and technology. It also takes incredible capital. Since inception we have raised over $180M to help support our research and development efforts. It is this ongoing commitment that gives us the confidence to ensure we have the right solutions available to our customers.

Whether you call it persistence, passion, or perfection, HZO never stops looking for new innovations in protection.

HZO is constantly advancing new innovations. We’re purposeful in the way we design, develop, document, deliver, and protect our intellectual property portfolio. This allows us to understand what works and what doesn’t, and continually meet new challenges of electronic protection like miniaturization, tighter tolerances, harsher environments, and mission criticality (think autonomous driving).

We are thoughtful in our IP approach, evaluating each opportunity as to whether it merits attention, and then the form of protection whether it be a trade secret, or patent. We watch for the moments when our technology, scientist, and legal expert align. That’s usually when we know we’ve struck the perfect balance to define and differentiate our future.

This purposeful behavior allows HZO to ensure that the technologies and solutions we offer are done right going forward, giving you as the original equipment manufacturer, original design manufacturer, or contract manufacturer, the confidence that HZO will deliver.

No one else in the industry today can boast such experience and patented solutions.

Trade Secrets Give us an Added Boost

While patents are important, some things are better kept secret. This includes many of our recipes that help ensure the consistency and quality of the coating. Whether it’s a prescriptive formula for pump down, mix of materials, sequence of events, or dozens of other approaches to process, our trade secrets give us the added boost and advantage to meeting your expectations. We take our secrets seriously and recognize and respect those of our customer.

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