HZO works closely with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), Original Device Manufacturers (ODM) and Contract Manufacturers (CM) across industries and offerings to deliver on a myriad of protection requirements. This includes everything from smartphones, tablets and hearing aids to automotive electronics, smart meters, and outdoor LED signage. Whether it’s splashed, dunked, or dusted, exposed to salt spray, chlorine, or caustic materials, we have a safe, tested, and cost-effective way to deliver.

Our award winning, Spectrum of ProtectionTM helps ensure our support for consumer electronics, industrial applications, Internet of Things (IoT) devices, automotive, medical, marine, and agricultural applications (just to name a few).


The market of consumer electronics has become more mobile, more complex, more microscopic, and more prone to water and liquid damage than ever before. HZO excels in protecting electronics for today’s consumer devices including audio, wearables, eReaders, smartphones, smartwatches, tablets, and more. HZO’s solutions guarantee not only desired protection against submersion, sweat and household liquids, but proven manufacturing methods to keep cost down, quality high, and production running smoothly.


The automotive world is increasingly relying more and more on various on-board computers, sensors, cameras, and other components to keep the world of vehicular travel safer. With the introduction and rise of autonomous driving, the dependency and durability of devices that enable independent operations have become mission critical. This is further amplified by the level of autonomy as we progress from L2 (semi-autonomous operation) to L5 (fully autonomous) operation. To keep these critical components secure against the wide variety of corrosive liquids (e.g. battery acid, petroleum products, antifreeze) and hazards on the road, HZO offers a wide variety of protection solutions designed for automobiles and the needs of the market that are superior to legacy solutions while keeping cost and vehicle weight down.

Internet of Things (IoT)

By 2025 IDC estimates that there will be more than 75B internet connections. With each new connection comes the question of protection. Everything from sensors, cameras, communications, appliances, medical devices, cars, trains, planes, to thousands of other things that could be at the edge of mainstream locations, needs to be evaluated for the level of protection required. These devices and components need environmental safeguards against some of IoT’s greatest threats – rain, pollution, humidity, salt fog, and more. HZO has pioneered manufacturing solutions including device, assembly, and circuit board protective coatings that easily adapt to the complex & varying environments these IoT products face – helping enable 24/7 uptime while significantly reducing or eliminating costly warranty claims and replacement costs.
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HZO makes waterproofing our products easy. We don’t even have to think about it anymore as it’s just part of our development cycle now.”
- Ramesh Mantha,
 Vice President of Product - Rakuten Kobo


Oil, gas, utility providers, chemical manufacturers, and aircraft OEMS (to name a few) all have something in common: namely they depend on electronics to keep things working. In a world that is always on, this is a considerable challenge. Take oil and gas for example. Harsh environments found in the remote operation of a drilling rig to the challenging downstream conditions of a refinery, compromise reliability and operational integrity. Even the smallest device failure can cause expensive complications, or worse, put lives at risk leading to protracted litigation. HZO helps ensure that businesses keep running by providing protection to all manufacturing and industrial equipment to prevent liquids, gases, and dust from wreaking havoc.

Medical Devices

What do HZO and the medical industry have in common? Dependability and quality. Medical professionals, consumers and patients alike all rely on their medical devices, at home and in the hospital, to function as prescribed, sensing, monitoring, and delivering as promised – regardless of the liquid or biohazards placed before them. HZO safeguards medical electronic devices to function as the manufacturer intended and the patient expect – enabling customer satisfaction and peace of mind.


Looking for protection in an industry or market not listed? Don’t worry. Deep within electronic products found in every industry lies an assembly, sub-assembly, product, part or PCB that HZO can help protect. Regardless of your electronic protection needs, reach out today to learn how HZO can help mitigate risk, avoid cost, and generate revenue through our solutions for the product or market of your choice.

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