Turnkey Solutions

When it comes to protecting your electronics, we’ve got you covered! No one has advanced the science of coating technology further or faster than HZO. We offer a complete turnkey solution by bringing together dedicated people with deep domain knowledge, proven manufacturing processes, advanced nano coating materials, and the industry’s most state-of-the-art equipment, to create tailored solutions to meet customer requirements.

HZO’s Turnkey Solution Enables Us To:

  • Provide consistent results, whether we’re coating one or one million pieces a day,
  • Deliver you the best solution for your protection needs,
  • Be a true partner from the first day of design through mass production,
  • Provide a reliable, scalable, highly repeatable process every step of the way, and
  • Maximize yield while providing the highest quality outputs.

Our turnkey solutions are the secret to our success and the reason we’re the number one thin-film coating supplier in the business. Whether your protecting sensitive circuitry, sub-assemblies, or complete devices, no one brings the diversity of experience and track record like HZO.

Our turnkey solutions revolve around four key components:

  • People
  • Process
  • Material Science
  • Equipment



Domain expertise matters. Combining it with experience makes all the difference.

We’ve spent years cultivating and recruiting the best and brightest application engineers, material scientists, and manufacturing experts that are unparalleled in their passion and commitment to the art of protective coatings. Their individual and combined knowledge and experience bring understanding to the most complex of challenges and helps drive innovative thinking. HZO’s top talent helps protect your product as well as your bottom line.



HZO’s patented and proven processes are the secret to what we do. Over the years, we’ve honed the ability to architect the right process, bringing together the people, material science, and state-of-the-art coating equipment to give you the right outcome every time, from the first day of production to the next stage of development. These processes have been proven through years of manufacturing experience and tens of millions of coated components, all with proven, consistent results.

We know you won’t find these processes anywhere else. With an intellectual property and patent portfolio of over 350 assets, we bring the latest thinking in 21st-century coating technology to the forefront of your business.

From the beginning, HZO’s processes have been developed for mass production to yield efficiency, quality, throughput, and scale. We take what we do for you very seriously, and your products deserve nothing but the best.


Material Science

HZO recognizes that every project, challenge, product and component is different. That’s why we created our Spectrum of ProtectionTM, a suite of material science-based solutions specifically engineered to the distinct protection requirements of your business. The range of solutions includes everything from next-generation nano coatings to Parylene coating, the gold standard in conformal coatings, and other advanced complex chemical compositions that bring us the widest spectrum of material diversity.

  • Protection Requirements

Coating selection begins with understanding the level of protection your project requires. Whether it’s complete liquid submersion, humidity, salt exposure, corrosive environments, dust, or simply a splash or spill, HZO delivers the ultimate protection. Protection comes in all shapes and sizes and HZO has the perfect recipe to meet your needs.

  • Design Considerations

Selecting the proper protection involves taking into consideration not only chemical compositions but physical, electrical, and environmental material design factors as well. This includes everything from understanding manufacturing tolerances for coating thickness, to thermal and dielectric properties, to sustainability factors, and more. HZO draws on its experience and material diversity to get the chemistry right the first time.

  • Cost

HZO recognizes that the total cost of ownership is a driving force when it comes to selecting a strategy to safeguard your offerings. Our Spectrum of Protection™ enables us to deliver the perfect solution to protect your product as well as your bottom line. Learn more about our coating costs here.

  • Sustainability

In today’s world, it’s critical we meet your standard when it comes to protecting our planet. HZO’s Spectrum of ProtectionTM balances green and sustainability goals with functional design parameters to provide the ultimate protection at every step in the manufacturing, commercial and consumer use, to disposal. Learn more about our green coating manufacturing here.



HZO designs and manufactures its own conformal coating equipment, providing a competitive edge to our customers. Its state-of-the-art hardware provides the greatest performance, capability, scale, and efficiency when it comes to delivering conformal coating solutions. Our unique and innovative chambers can deliver everything from coatings the thickness of a human hair, to those that withstand the harshest environments you’ll find in nature, home, or industry, for durability that can be designed to last for decades.

We’ve thought of everything from:

  • Maximizing coating efficiency by increasing the size and shape of our deposition chambers,
  • Improving coating consistency with patented heating, cooling, and in-chamber processes,
  • Delivering total flexibility for batch and scale production quantities,
  • Real-time monitoring and alerts for maximum quality control, and
  • Automation of pre and post-production processes for predictable throughput.

Get started with our turnkey process and let us help you find the perfect solution to your protection needs.