What industries are best suited to HZO?

Regardless of the industry, the clients we work with all have one thing in common: they want solid, guaranteed, quality electronics waterproofing and coating.

Our ability to quickly and easily configure equipment and processes means we aren’t limited by industry. All of our customers go through a very similar process when working with our dedicated engineers to decide which solution is best for them.

For examples of how we might handle your specific type of electronic:

What types of electronics do you coat?

With the largest coating chambers in the industry combined with a depth and breadth of specialized knowledge, HZO is able to coat nearly every type of printed circuit board or circuit board assemblies, regardless of size or complexity.

This can include but is not limited to:

  • Consumer electronics of all kinds
  • Vehicular electronics
  • Machinery electronics
  • Avionic electronics
  • Sports and outdoor electronics
  • Hydro, gas, and electric electronics
  • Renewable energy electronics
  • One-time-use electronics
  • Medical electronics
  • Smart electronics
  • Security electronics

and more.

Are HZO’s coatings safe?

HZO prides itself on offering coatings that are safe at every step of the way from application to end customer use. We take great care to ensure our coating meet required safety and quality requirements. To learn more about HZO’s responsibility efforts, including green initiatives, click below to learn more about our coating process.

How much does it cost to apply an HZO coating to my product?

As a general rule of thumb, the cost of coating is a function of material, thickness, surface area, volume and application. Other considerations, like masking and de-masking, will also influence the final price. In the case of HZO, the cost reflects a turnkey approach that brings together material(s), equipment, people and process (IP). The outcome, and price, is for a protected product – guaranteed. There is no coating equipment to buy or technology to license, and pricing starts at under $0.10 a part. Contact us today to see how HZO can meet your protection requirements.

How do I pick the coating that is right for my product?

The level of protection desired (e.g. splash resistant vs. fully submersible), environmental factors (e.g. exposure to salt fog), use considerations (e.g. heavy handling), and longevity (e.g. days vs. decades), to name a few factors, all work to define the coating solution. Each solution in turn is defined by the material, application process, and thickness.

What materials make up HZO’s Spectrum of Protection?

HZO is unique in its market position, drawing from a diverse portfolio of chemical compositions to serve as the basis for its thin-film solution suite. This includes Parylene, considered the gold standard in conformal coatings, as well as various blends of hydrocarbons fluorocarbons, silicon dioxides, and over a dozen other liquids and gases. New innovations are continuously being added to address the changing complexity of the market.

What protective coating solutions does HZO offer?

HZO offers a Spectrum of Protection™ that includes plasma-based nanocoatings, Parylene, and hybrid solutions. Applications processes include Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) and Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD).

Why do customers choose HZO?

When the research is done and the particles settled (pun absolutely intended), HZO just stands out heads above the pack. Our quality and track record are proven and we’re set up to easily scale up to large mass manufacturing needs.

There are several reasons for this. Namely, we:

  • Deliver a turnkey solution that brings together people with deep domain expertise, proven and patented processes, proprietary equipment, and material sciences.
  • Provide a Spectrum of Protection™ that provides a diverse approach to protective durable coatings, from plasma-based nano coatings and Parylene to hybrid and custom solutions.
  • Possess intellectual knowledge and know-how captured in intellectual property portfolio of over 350 assets.
  • Have a track record among top tier OEM’s of delivering on time, on budget, and on plan, regardless of technological demands or complexity.
  • Have the ability to scale from thousands, to tens of thousands, to millions of units per day, without compromising yield.
  • Proven quality practices and responsible manufacturing processes (i.e. safety, PFOS / PFOA free).
  • Lead in next-generation standards, protecting from the inside out, surpassing industry standards for liquid and corrosive exposure, submersion, and durability.
  • Commit to Research and Development – since inception HZO has raised over $180M, with significant investments in Research and Development, helping establish a formidable IP portfolio.
  • Have an established global footprint in North America, Europe and Asia.

We’re ready to help you with your electronics and waterproofing needs.

Who are HZO’s competitors?

There are various ways to approach waterproofing. Old world techniques include using mechanical seals that unfortunately do not stand the test of time. Next-generation solutions that leverage advanced nano coatings simply protect better. HZO is uniquely positioned to provide a level of protection that is unprecedented with our Spectrum of Protection™ –a portfolio of thin-film and nano coatings guaranteed to provide the specific protection our customers are looking for.

Who are HZO’s customers?

HZO works with some of the biggest brands in the business. Today, HZO is the largest provider of life-proofing solutions for everything from eReaders and tablets, to ear buds, and next-generation smartphones. In ruggedized tablets, we worked with organizations the stature of Dell, and we were there when Nike launched the FuelBand.

What markets does HZO serve?

HZO established its reputation in consumer electronics but today serves a diverse set of markets and application, including but not limited to, automotive, IoT, industrial applications, and medical devices.

What is HZO’s revenue?

As a private entity, we do not disclose our revenue, but we do like to brag about our commitment to research and development and the investments we make.

Who is HZO?

HZO is a global leader in delivering world-class protective nano coatings that safeguard electronics from the most demanding corrosive and liquid environments. The company brings together people, process, capital equipment and material science, leveraging an extensive patent portfolio to create unique solutions to meet specific customer requirements. Working with some of the largest companies across industries including consumer electronics, IoT, medical device and automotive, HZO delivers a better, more reliable and more durable water-resistant and waterproof product that reduces costly returns improves customer satisfaction and drives overall brand value.


HZO has been in the business of offering waterproof coatings to brands and manufacturers for over seven years. A lot has changed over those years, but one thing has stayed the same–our focus to offer superior water and environment protection to brands and manufacturers. We recognize that many reading this may not have been following the success of HZO over the years and have only learned of our protection company recently.

We’re here to change that with a brief FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) to get you up to speed on HZO and how they can best help protect what you’re building.

  • Q: What is HZO? 
    • Not all waterproofing is created equal. Brands and manufacturers choose HZO to provide the next generation of water protection for their devices and components. HZO provides thin-film coating solutions that protect sensitive electronics and PCBAs from a full range of environmental damage and failure caused by water and corrosive environments. Our specialized solutions protect a wide range of electronics, from hand-held electronics and wearables to IoT devices and outdoor LED display boards – delivering performance that goes well beyond standardized testing like IPX8.
  • Q: How Do I Get HZO Protection on my Products?
    • Although HZO believes everyone should have access to more waterproof devices, we currently do not offer our protective coating directly to consumers for aftermarket application. The reason HZO Protected electronics are able to perform beyond the most rigorous testing standards and extreme environmental conditions is because of how, when, and where our solution is applied. That’s why HZO works exclusively with manufacturers to make electronics waterproof. Reach out today to see how HZO can protect your next project headed to production.
  • Q: How Do I Get a Quote for HZO Protection on my Next Project?
    • HZO has protected a wide variety of PCBA boards, sensors and components, so we’ve seen it all. We’ve distilled the initial quote process down to a few questions that can be answered on our website in minutes. Fill out the following form and we’ll get back to you shortly.
  • Q: What the Weirdest Thing You’ve Coated?
    • We coated an Oreo cookie once.
  • Q: Why Did You Coat an Oreo?
    • Why not?

Those are just a few Frequently Answered Questions about HZO. Do you have one we didn’t cover? Feel free to ask us here.


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