In the day and age of 24/7 health monitoring, medical device dependency, and wearable technology advancements, device reliability has never been greater. It’s no wonder that healthcare wearable devices alone are expected to grow 273% in just two short years. This growth and reliance on medical instrumentation, from glucose meters to hearing aids, and surgical instruments to CPAP machines, all have one thing in common: namely, the variability of environments they are expected to operate in. Whether its battling humidity, sweat, bodily fluids, dust, or dirt, HZO has the right solution to protect what matters most – your health!

To put this challenge in perspective, 1 in 11 adults worldwide are currently living with diabetes, over 900 million people will experience hearing loss by 2050, and hundreds of millions will undergo a major medical procedure this year. A simple splash or spill can compromise the integrity of the equipment we depend upon, at home, in the hospital, or at our doctor’s office. This is further amplified by the need for connectivity across so many devices.

Medical Device Reliability – Code Blue

Just as our bodies are susceptible to harmful substances and accidents, so too are medical devices. Liquids or corrosives can penetrate and compromise healthcare equipment, causing them to falter or fail at a critical moment. Harmful liquids include:

  • Water
  • Sweat
  • Bodily Fluids
  • Medicines
  • Cleaning Liquids

These substances, found in everyday life and medical situations, can cause short circuiting or catastrophic corrosion on the circuitry of a device if it is not correctly protected. Failures can lead to loss of data, undetected medical conditions, and potentially loss of life.

Today, while some devices have basic liquid and dust protection including enclosures, mechanical seals, or traditional thick film conformal coatings (e.g. silicone, epoxies, etc.), they’re not sufficient. These techniques all work to keep liquids out. The problem is that when life happens, these methods can be compromised – cases crack, seals break, and typical conformal coatings are actually not all that conformal. Even something as simple as temperature fluctuations can cause issues. Next generation thin-film solutions take protection to the next level, starting from the inside out.

HZO Protection for Medical Devices and Tools

HZO protects medical equipment from the hazards found in the healthcare arena, and at home, protecting things like:

  • Catheters
  • Insulin pumps
  • Glucose meters
  • Hearing aids
  • Surgical apparel accessories
  • Electronic vision aids
  • EEG analyzers
  • Endoscopes
  • Surgical instruments
  • Surgical cameras and accessories
  • Blood mixing and weighing devices
  • Dilators of different types

Unlike traditional electronic protection solutions, HZO applies a thin-film or nano coating to the printed circuit board, assembly, or device. This form of application eliminates the risk of failure from a gasket or seal breaking, or liquid seeping under thick film alternatives. HZO’s Spectrum of Protection includes biocompatible coatings that are safe for use.

Medical device manufacturers benefit from working with HZO by:

  • Mitigating the risk of critical device failure.
  • Experiencing fewer warranty claims, returns and repairs.
  • Driving customer satisfaction.

No matter what your health or medical device need is, HZO knows failure isn’t an option. Reach out today to see how HZO that can help you find the right protection solution.

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