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In the automotive world, nothing is driving change more than evolving technology. These tech innovations are powered by electronic workhorses, an array of sensors, switches, and other components that simply cannot fail. For OEMs, reliability takes the wheel.


Designing a differentiated product in an industry that has become globalized is no small feat. China is the largest automobile market worldwide, with automobile registrations totaling 21 million units in 2019 alone. As such, competition for market share is vast.

In an industry where rivals may lurk around many corners, meeting consumer demands is more important than ever before, and safety tops the list. As your customers become more dependent on integrated electronic components, they expect you to make sure each one is safe and dependable.

In 2019, automobile registrations totaled 21 million units in China alone.

– Fortune Business Insights

Challenges in a Driven World

You can stay one step ahead by improving vehicle safety with sturdier electronic components. The dependability of an automotive electrical component comes through proper protection of the unit itself. This is done by protecting the circuitry directly from the harmful liquids and substances mentioned. But finding a dependable way to protect automotive electronic components is easier said than done.

For vehicles, the wide variety of contaminants on the road is a serious threat to the electronics onboard. These road hazards can compromise the functionality of your technology, introducing risk to a situation where safety is mandatory.


Common Automotive Failure Conditions

  • Oil

  • Gasoline

  • Water (rain, standing)

  • Air pollutants

  • Salts

  • Antifreeze

  • Splashes from road grime

  • Beverage spills

  • Other corrosive substances

Overcoming the Challenges

Traditionally, this protection has come from legacy solutions such as traditional conformal coatings including silicone and acrylics as well as mechanical seals, enclosures, and gaskets.

However, these solutions have several drawbacks, including:

  • Voids in traditional conformal coatings
  • Significant weight addition due to heavy conformal coatings 
  • Rubber gaskets expand and contract in temperature fluctuations
  • Rubber gaskets and enclosures can become dislodged on bumpy and rocky roads
  • Oxidation and deterioration of rubber gaskets

Because of these weaknesses, critical automotive circuitry, sensors, and components, can and have failed. Automotive OEMs and manufacturers in all tiers cannot afford to cut corners or rely on aging solutions. In this new age of automotive electrification and sophistication, new innovations and solutions are required. 

There is a better way. HZO’s thin-film coatings (Parylene and Plasma-based nanocoatings), designed for the automotive applications of today and well into the future, are the ideal solution.

True Protection

A superior substitute to existing automotive electronics protection solutions, thin-film protective coatings and nanocoatings within HZO’s Spectrum of Protection™ solve the shortcomings of existing protection solutions by offering protection with:

  • No compromising voids in thin-film coatings
  • Virtually no incremental weight in an age of automotivelightweighting
  • The ability to perform in significant temperature ranges
  • No risk of protection compromises due to bumps or jarring on the road
  • No degradation in corrosive and caustic environments


We Protect the Essential Automotive Systems

We offer solutions for the following applications. In addition, if you have questions about other automotive components that may need protection, please reach out; we’ll see how we can help.

Electronic Control Units (ECUs)

ECUs manage, regulate and alter the electronic systems in a car. As a result, thin, durable, and lightweight coating solutions are necessary to protect against corrosion and exposure to harmful environmental elements. When an ECU fails as a result of corrosion, a vehicle may not start at all. With HZO Parylene coatings, ECUs can withstand harsh environments for continued operation. Check out how we can improve your ECU’s reliability.


Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)

ADAS interpret the environment surrounding the vehicle to respond to hazards and regulate safety features. With drivers relying on these systems in modern cars, they must remain protected over time. HZO’s Parylene coatings can safeguard these systems for long-term reliability. Learn more about how our coatings can protect advanced driver assistance systems.


Electric Vehicle (EV) Batteries

EV batteries can create an extraordinary amount of heat as they operate and charge, making a protective coating that can maintain barrier protection through thermal cycling essential. Battery coatings must be corrosion and chemical resistant while acting as insulation. Learn more about these critical systems and why our Parylene coating is the right option.


Delivering Real Value

Find a specific solution to deliver proven outcomes

We call upon the power of our Spectrum of Protection,™ a proprietary portfolio of complex chemical compositions we handpick and blend just for you, to deliver custom solutions.


an electronic device protected by conformal coatings working in water
protective coating scientists deciding which coating to choose to protect an electronic device

Take advantage of our turnkey solution

What do you get when the best people, processes, equipment and material science come together? Consistent results that you can depend on, providing the highest quality outputs.


Accelerate product growth by scaling up

Our capital equipment was built from the ground up to meet your mass production needs, on time, within a budget, every time.


a tablet working while submerged underwater because of HZO's electronic protective coatings
an electronic pcb submerged in water

Incorporate a convenient protection process

Your world revolves around your technology, and our world revolves around you. We’ll do the heavy lifting, with a Factory-in-Factory model or a coating as a service offering where we coat your products in one of our own global production facilities.


Why HZO?

HZO never underestimates the criticality of automotive systems. We know that if a single component fails, your product fails. Whether it’s a sensor, switch, or assembly, we’re determined to protect what matters most to you.


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