As an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), original design manufacturer (ODM), or contract manufacturer (CM), you probably know that not all thin film coatings are created equal. When searching out which approach or partnership is best suited to your coating needs it’s critical to keep four key concepts front and center: material, process, equipment, and experience. It turns out there is real intellectual property (IP) in each of these areas that can ensure the success of your program or influence component failure.


It’s important to select a coating material that offers the precise protection you’re looking for. Not just against water, but dust, salt fog, humidity, sweat, sticky beverages, and other liquids. Our material science combinations stem from HZO’s Spectrum of ProtectionTM – a diverse portfolio of materials, including Parylene, plasma-based nano coatings, and other solutions. Learn how we’ve taken material science to the next level, delivering unparalleled protection and guaranteed outcomes.


HZO designs, develops, and builds its own capital equipment, allowing us to meet the most demanding manufacturing needs. We didn’t start out this way. We just learned that off the shelf machinery lacked the capability, flexibility, and performance to provide the most complete and economical thin film coating solution. When it comes to equipment, our in-house team of experienced engineers and equipment experts coded the software, developed the algorithms, and defined the standards of operational excellence. Learn why HZO’s capital equipment offerings are truly one of a kind.

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HZO makes waterproofing our products easy. We don’t even have to think about it anymore as it’s just part of our development cycle now.”
- Ramesh Mantha,
 Vice President of Product - Rakuten Kobo


At HZO we define our proven processes with words like efficient, effective, consistent, and scalable. The result? Near perfect yields. Whether we deliver our solutions as a service in one of our state-of-the-art, ISO certified facilities or perform the task real-time in your factory, we take pride and ownership end to end, guaranteeing our performance at every step of the way. Learn more about how HZO’s coating process is engineered and optimized for your needs.

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