Protection Capabilities

The world has become dependent on connected devices, whether it’s the simple convenience of a smartphone or the mission critical dependency on an autonomous vehicle. By 2020, there will be over 30 billion connected devices. The majority of these devices will be subject over their lifetime to varying environmental, industrial, and in-home challenges, including rain, humidity, salt fog, corrosive liquids, and more.

Smart Protection

The result of this exposure will compromise device integrity – ultimately leading to failure, causing hundreds of millions of dollars in repairs, down time, and diminished or damages to your brand. This year alone, over 300 million smartphones will be damaged by water, costing businesses in excess of $100 billion.

To combat these failures historically, manufacturers have focused on trying to prevent water from entering a device, typically through the use of mechanical seals. These mechanicals seals come in the form of rubber gaskets and adhesives that you see at the seams of your electronics that can wear away or break down with time. HZO approaches the idea of electronics waterproofing and protection seal waterproofing differently.

HZO believes that protection has to happen from the inside out. Namely providing waterproofing at the core of a device – board level, battery, connector, and more.

Because not every protection need or product is the same, HZO brings to the market its proprietary Spectrum of ProtectionTM – a suite of coating solutions designed to meet the most diverse use, industry, and product specific requirements. These electronic protection solutions vary in chemical composition and are based in proven material science.

No matter which type of environmental challenge is facing the electronic component, HZO has a specific recommended material or combination of materials that will ensure the protection you’re seeking. Keep in mind, these are suggested protection methods as your final solutions may be altered by manufacturing and cost requirements.


Which Protection Solution Best Fits Your Needs?

Although more than one type of conformal coating and nano coating is available for each desired solution, the easiest way to figure out which solution is best for you, is to examine the general solutions available.

Parylene – an organic conformal coating that is biocompatible and provides a microns-thin, pinhole free, dielectric, optically clear layer over the electrical component it’s is applied to. It’s a physical barrier over the component that you can see and touch. HZO offers the highest grade of Parylene for your waterproofing needs.

Plasma-based nano coatings (and other nano coating combinations) – are applied on a nano-scale and change the surface of the electrical component so that moisture simply beads up and rolls right off. Water, moisture, and other liquids don’t stand a chance. This is known as hydrophobicity or making the surface hydrophobic. HZO offers proprietary combinations of various nano coating solutions to help you meet specific desired outcomes.


Challenges Found in Nature

Electronics, regardless of their intended use, shouldn’t cease to work simply because the internal electrical components became exposed to nature’s water, rain, salt fog, or humidity.


Suggested Solutions


HZO Parylene: With HZO Parylene, water won’t bother the circuit boards. Parylene is highly conformal, wrapping around every edge, delivering continuity of thickness.

Water Resistant

HZO Nano Coatings: HZO nano coatings are naturally hydrophobic. Moisture will roll right off and not “seep” into the protected areas.



HZO Nano Coatings: HZO’s nano coatings hydrophobic qualities make it splash proof.

Salt/Ocean Water

HZO Parylene: HZO’s Parylene ionic permeability is extremely low. Salt (and other microscopic contaminants) won’t even touch the sensitive electronic circuitry.

Salt Fog

HZO Parylene: HZO Parylene demonstrates good dielectric with great abrasion resistance. Salt will never have a chance to cling to the components even after the moisture evaporates.


HZO Nano Coatings: HZO nano coatings can ensure humidity stays in its place: firmly away from your electrical components. The life span of your product won’t be decreased in humid environments.


Challenges Found in the Home

Daily life shouldn’t interrupt the use of electronics that make life better, keep you on track to being healthy, and protect your safety. When these devices fail, it means more returns, more warranty claims, and more headaches for manufacturers and OEMs. The internal electrical components in these devices should be protected at a minimum, from compounds that are easily overlooked: chlorinated liquids, acidic and sticky beverages, detergents, and dust.


Suggested Solutions

Chlorinated liquids

HZO Parylene: HZO Parylene is fully conformal and highly resistant to various types of chemicals. Chlorine is corrosive. You don’t even want to take a chance at having your electronics being splashed or dunked in this substance without HZO Protection.

Acidic or sticky beverages: coffee, soda, beer, electrolyte solutions or juice

HZO Parylene: HZO Parylene’s polymer chains intertwine with one another, ensuring a protective barrier is created. Customers deserve to live their lives without fear of what beverages might spill, splash, or saturate their devices.


HZO Parylene: HZO Parylene resists chemical reactions due to its composition. Over time, particles of detergent can get lodged between the connectors and other areas of the circuit board, causing corrosion or mechanical hiccups. Combine this with unexpected humidity or actual other liquids and you have a potential electronics disaster in your hands. Literally.


HZO Parylene: HZO Parylene’s barrier properties prevent dust from getting to the board. This prevents related scratches, corrosion and mechanical interruption of the device.


Challenges Found in Industry

Different industries are relying on technology more than ever before to make their work faster, safer, and smarter. Having electrical components fail due to the exposure of bodily fluids, gases, pollutants, and decontaminants, can incur significant costs. Failure of a device or machine can increase expenditures due to downtime in production, potential litigation costs if the component that failed was meant to keep a person safe, and increased man hours during repair if the device or machine was bypassing manual labor. The following are just some of the hazards potentially encountered “on the job.”


Biofluids can be corrosive to electronics given the salts and other chemicals found in the body. For example, medical personnel need to ensure their instruments and sensors can withstand accidental or deliberate exposure to biofluids like blood. Law enforcement relies on body cams and radios for critical communication and cannot risk losing them to body sweat after a long, exhausting day. Whether the device will be worn on the body or worn or used inside the body, HZO literally, has the electrical components “covered.”


Suggested Solutions


HZO Parylene: HZO Parylene doesn’t let liquids through and it’s highly resistant to chemical compounds. Sweat varies from person to person in terms of chemical composition and intensity. HZO Nano Coatings may also serve as a solution to wick away light sweat through hydrophobicity.

Bodily Fluids

HZO Parylene: HZO Parylene increases the lubricity of a medical device and doesn’t let oxygen or water through its surface. Blood, sweat, plasma, and more all have different textures and compositions. Keep all of these fluids fully and completely separate from the electronics within a device by using Parylene.


If your machines, electronics and devices are exposed to corrosive liquids, gases, pollutants of any kind, or decontaminates, you’ll want to increase the longevity of these components by making them even more durable with HZO waterproofing and protective coatings. These solutions are especially effective in oil and gas, automotive, industrial, and more.


Suggested Solutions


HZO Parylene: HZO Parylenes are resistant to nearly all types of chemical reactions. With humidity and fog, gases can “seep” their way into connectors, leaving undesirable and harmful residues behind. Keep them at bay with HZO’s Parylene properties.


HZO Parylene: HZO Parylenes blocks everything. Man-made particles won’t get through. Suspended aerosols or particulates could become nuclei, absorb moisture, and react with other chemicals they’re near. If you can’t fully predict which pollutants your different electrical components will be exposed to at any given time, just take the guesswork out by protecting it with HZO Parylene.


HZO Parylene: HZO Parylenes are highly resistant to chemical reactions. Chemical solutions meant to keep humans safe by decontaminating structures, objects, or the human body, are not necessarily friendly for electronics. Don’t let the spills, splashes, or gases from decontaminants near the circuit boards by using HZO Parylene.

No matter the location, whether in nature, in the home or on the job, HZO is needed and capable of protecting the unique environments you’re in throughout your life.


IEC Ingress Protection Ratings (IP Code)

HZO’s protection capabilities meet and notoriously exceed current IP ratings (also known as: ingress protection ratings or IP Code), depending on the configuration.

Current IEC Protection Standards

The International Electronics Commission (IEC) established protection guidelines for electronics in the form of IP ratings in 1976. These ratings measure how long an electrical component or device can survive after spills, splashes, or full submersion for specific lengths of time. For example, IPX7 means that a device can survive after a 30-minute submersion.

The current ratings are a good start but are insufficient to meet consumer needs or industrial market demands. Namely because these ratings only apply to clean, fresh water, not sweat, fog, humidity, chlorine (i.e. pool water), soapy water, or other types of liquids the electronic components of the device can come into contact with. Further, take note that according to many device manufacturers, these ratings are also only applicable to new, unused, still-in-the-box products.

Protection for Today’s World

At HZO, we notably provide waterproof and protection solutions that will exceed today’s rating standards. We firmly believe as an industry leader in electronics protection that waterproofing and protection solutions must go beyond the current precedent.

It’s becoming necessary for not just convenience, but safety. Because of HZO, long-lasting devices and components hold up to real life threats with consumers and industries alike enjoying convenience and safety through continued functionality. This protection directly leads to brand satisfaction and retention. Meanwhile, brands and OEMs, through protected products, owe it their working relationships and to their customers to provide spectacular and long-lasting protection to the internal electrical components of their devices.

Depending on specific design criteria, HZO waterproofing and protective coatings may help mitigate the risk of loss or litigation from failed critical components, warranty claims, and repairs. Protection also helps ensure incremental revenue creation through customer satisfaction, and retention. This is because our waterproofing and protection goes directly on the surface of the electrical components, so even if a liquid gets into the device itself, it’s not harming the electrical component.

On a regular basis, HZO coats and protects hundreds of thousands of pieces per day, with the ability to scale up to hundreds of thousands or millions of pieces per day. No matter how big the project is, HZO has mastered the coating capabilities, solutions, and processes to do it with proven results.

At HZO, we eat, sleep, and breathe protection. We take your waterproofing and protection needs seriously. You deserve expertise and so do your customers. Your electrical components are literally, in no better hands, for your waterproofing and protection needs.

Reach out to see how we can help protect your electrical components and your bottom line.

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