Plasma-Applied Nanocoatings

Plasma-Applied Nanocoating Services for Electronics

Every connected device has a fragile existence. Regardless of their purpose, from entertainment to life-saving medical devices and the sprawling network that makes up the IoT, environmental threats can damage your product.

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If you design or manufacture electronic devices, you know a positive product experience boils down to how you engineer protection for your customers’ benefit and demands.

For these needs, you should rely on the most advanced material science. Plasma-applied nanocoatings provide molecular level protection that traditional seals such as encapsulants and seals cannot achieve. The advanced techniques we use at HZO, from controlling the deposition process to optimizing the materials used, can further enhance the way we add these vital protective measures to your devices.

Liquids, contaminants, and harmful gases can cause electronic components to fail, including:

Printed Circuit Boards (PCBAs)

Individual Connectors


What Is A Plasma-Applied Nanocoating?

Plasma-applied nanocoatings are functionalized films, some of which are hydrophobic (repelling water and other liquids), that cover electronic components inside of your device, protecting these parts from the inside out.

These coatings can be used for everything from textiles to countertops, building materials to electronics, but our focus is on protecting electronic devices. To do this, HZO has mastered plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition for the large-scale manufacturing needs of the electronics industry.

HZO Sentinel Series™

Our HZO Sentinel Series™ of plasma-polymerized nanocoatings deliver superior protection at an affordable price. These coatings provide an ultra-thin level of protection covering your sensitive circuitry so you can be confident your customers are covered wherever and whenever they use your product, minimizing downtime, returns, and unnecessary warranty claims.

What Are The Benefits of Plasma-Applied Nanocoatings?

Beyond the new hydrophobicity that coated surfaces exhibit, plasma-applied nanocoatings offer other advantages, including:

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Lightweight and Exceptionally Thin

If a manufacturing goal is to stay within a designated weight, this process limits the added bulk. We also prioritize precision thickness, working within your target specifications.

Corrosion Resistant and Water Repellant

Plasma-applied nanocoatings can help protect against corrosive liquids and gases that can compromise the integrity and function of vital devices.

Unlimited Substrate Potential

HZO uses a wide variety of chemistries to create your coating. The real utility of plasma-applied nanocoatings is their adaptability.

The HZO Sentinel Series™ of plasma-polymerized nanocoatings is more than just inherently versatile. Coupling our expertise and access to a wealth of proprietary materials and processes, we craft and engineer the formula and design of the intended coating around your desired price point, weight, and quality standards. 

How Do Plasma-Applied Nanocoatings Work?

To develop our plasma-applied nanocoatings, we select a material from our portfolio of chemical compositions that meets your needs. We excite this material through plasma, the fourth state of matter, to kickstart a chemical reaction that forms a reliable thin-film conformal coating.

A strong bond is formed between your electronic part and our protective coatings. The result is an incredibly thin coating, down to the nanometer level, that provides uniform, protective coverage. This approach is unlike the traditional spray, dip, and brush methods that lead to inconsistencies in applications.

Unlike traditional conformal coating processes, our plasma processes use chemical vapor deposition (CVD), a repeatable, reliable, batch process that provides comprehensive coverage. Every targeted facet receives secure protection, limiting vulnerabilities.

Plasma-Applied Nanocoatings for Electronics

Accidents happen, and sensitive electronics are susceptible to the smallest drops of moisture and particles. That is why you need customized thin-film protection for your devices.

Whatever your products encounter during use — rain, high humidity, chemicals, or sweat, our solutions can cover it all. We understand how to adjust specific properties such as dielectric strength, oxidation, and submersion resistance to craft the best protective coating for you.

Our solutions protect against a wide array of liquids and gases, an essential factor for every industry, including consumer electronics, IoT, industrial, automotive, and medical devices.

Why Partner With HZO?

Work with HZO to tap into the capabilities of our Spectrum of Protection™, which allows us to select the right materials for an ideal coating. After that, we’ll walk you through the coating process every step of the way, from the very beginning to the end.


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