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HZO serves customers in a wide range of markets and industries. Our ability to provide a turnkey solution, bringing together the people, process, materials, and equipment, helps ensure that we can deliver the perfect coating solution for every electronic part, circuit board, assembly, or device. Whether you’re looking to coat hundreds of parts per day or hundreds of thousands, HZO has a proven track record of delivering – and we guarantee results. No one has more experience when it comes to thin-film solutions for your chip, sensor, camera, connector, and more.

Our Spectrum of Protection™ gives you the competitive edge you need to win – whether you’re in the industry of consumer electronics, automotive, IoT, industrial, medical device, or other markets including:


In 2018, the world’s merchant fleet exceeded over 50,000 ships at sea. What do all of these vessels have in common? Each cargo carrier, oil tanker, and passenger ship have circuitry on board that is critical to its operation. Communications, navigation, sensors, engine functionality, and more depend on the uninterrupted functionality of the ship’s electronics.

The irony is that the very water that these ships depend upon can render critical electronic components useless and strand personnel and precious cargo on the already unforgiving seas. The result is significant revenue loss from delayed or damaged cargo, expensive repairs, and even loss of life.

Thankfully the dedicated team at HZO can help you choose the electronics protection solution, ensuring that sunk costs are the least of your worries.


Whether it’s farming, fisheries, aquaculture, or forestry, the science and husbandry of agriculture sustains the human race. As our dependency on technology across fields, forests, and farms increases, our dependence on the monitors, sensors, circuitry, and related machinery grows exponentially.

These deployed electronics are not immune to environmental threats. Protecting them helps avoids downtime, service costs, and loss of revenue.

HZO can help you design the solutions and safeguards that will keep your business running.


With increased reliance on technology, aerospace is literally taking off, getting us there faster, more efficiently, more economically, and with less environmental impact. From 2018-2037, global aerospace services will amount to nearly $2.4T worldwide.

Electrical components found in planes, helicopters, and other aircraft must be protected from challenging conditions both inside the plane (e.g., fuel, oil, condensation, etc.) as well as outside (e.g., rain, snow, pollutants and more). Protecting these electrical components means that aircraft fly on schedule, unplanned service costs are minimized, operations safety is enhanced, and customers are happier.

With thin-film solutions from HZO, you’re assured of having the best protection available, with less weight and bulk than traditional solutions, at a lower total cost of ownership, capable of meeting regulatory and operational demands.


Your machinery moves mountains, paves the way for the economy, and lets humanity travel with ease. This is true whether you’re using heaving machinery to literally pound the pavement, repair critical infrastructure, or you’re expertly wielding mining equipment to extract metals that keep our world moving. By 2020 the construction equipment market will exceed $89B.

With more and more of these machines advancing to include electronics like circuit boards, temperature and pressure gauges, fail-safe systems, and RFID tags, it becomes even more critical to ensure protection for these critical, yet sensitive components, is included. Clients depend on the reliability of your equipment, and you can rely on HZO to ensure the protection you need.

Media & Communications

Digital billboards and other interactive advertising mediums can help reach and influence consumer behavior. Outdoor LED signage, for example, brings a brand’s product and services to life with estimates of being 100 times more effective than a traditional billboard. But that only holds true when the digital sign can withstand the elements.

Billboards based on LED designs must hold up to rain and snow, humidity, salt air, constant temperature changes, pollutants, and extreme weather conditions. Failure can mean contract reimbursement, costly repairs, and potential liability. The domino effect of time and money lost from a sign downed by weather can be catastrophic.

Thankfully HZO has proven solutions for protecting LED signage from whatever calamities blow its way. Let us help you configure the best electronics coating solution for your specific signage needs.

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