Is your business looking for a way to build a sturdier, more reliable IoT product?

Are you trying to find out how to build a sturdier device that can operate dependably in harsh environments? With electronic protection from HZO to bolster fragile circuitry, your smart devices can have both brains and brawn.


The Internet of Things is bringing more devices into the digital fold every day. As everyday objects transform into a helpful ecosystem of information, the IoT marketplace is growing by leaps and bounds.

For example, the market is projected to reach $1.1 trillion by 2026 as the global network grows. In addition to an acceleration of the amount of technology we use, there is an evolution of the way we use technology. There are more connected devices than ever before, being used in almost any imaginable environment to serve almost any imaginable purpose. The internet is no longer something we connect to – it is now the digital, interconnected world we live in.



By 2026, the global Internet of Things market is projected to reach $1.1 Trillion.

– Fortune Business Insights

Challenges – Making Faster, Smarter, Smaller Components More Resilient

While sensors and other components have gotten smaller, capable, and more sophisticated, they have not gotten “stronger.” No matter how smart, when a device runs without some form of protection within its operating environment, it does not compute.

After all, any unprotected components will quickly be damaged by contaminants like rain, harmful gases, salt, humidity, and chlorinated water.

Lack of device resiliency is a significant problem for manufacturers and device designers. How can you ensure that your IoT electronics take dependable action in unpredictable situations? The purpose of an IoT product is to interpret environmental changes, but to do that, it must operate efficiently and reliably.

For your business, traditional protection methods will not suffice. Mechanical seals can succumb to wear and tear, or even the test of time. Typical conformal coatings will add weight and bulk to small electronic components, and imperfections in protection can cause voids, cracks, and pinholes that allow contaminants to devalue their design.

These issues can compromise the quality of the product you worked so hard to perfect, causing mission-critical failures, returns, and recalls. Although this can be a challenge, the solution is at your fingertips.


Common IoT Component Failure Conditions

  • Rain
  • Harmful Gases
  • Pollution
  • Salt
  • Humidity
  • Chlorinated Water

Overcoming the Challenges – Building a Secure, Intelligent Platform Part by Part with HZO

Ideal protection is just as intelligent as your devices, a lightweight next-generation conformal coating that can be thinner than a strand of human hair. Our world-class protective nanocoatings and thin-film coatings are this compact and offer formidable protection.

Our HZO branded series of solutions are the next-generation of leading protective coatings:

What it Means to be Truly Protected

These protective coatings mitigate risk and reduce costs so that your IoT devices can securely remain up and running regardless of the external factors in their operating environments. With solutions like ours, it will not be long before you realize that if it doesn’t say HZO, you’re not truly protected.

Dependable protection comes from partnering with a company that understands what makes you great, but also, what keeps you up at night. We deliver a better solution, created, and customized just for you.


Why is protecting the internet of things critical?

HZO Protected, IoT Connected is an educational video series that addresses the challenges of protecting IoT devices from the harshest of environments so that they can operate reliably.


Delivering Real Value

Spectrum of Protection™ Power

When you partner with us, you have coating options. We can decide from our Spectrum of Protection™ portfolio of brands, selecting chemical compositions based on your business needs.


an electronic device protected by conformal coatings working in water
protective coating scientists deciding which coating to choose to protect an electronic device

One-Stop-Shop Convenience

We know what keeps you going, and what keeps you up at night. That’s why we protect your product on your terms – with our factory-in-factory business model or coating as a service offering.


Well-Oiled Machine Scalability

We designed and built our equipment, the largest coating deposition chambers in the industry. With up to 50% more units coated per hour, we can accelerate your product efficiency and throughput – on time and within budget.


a tablet working while submerged underwater because of HZO's electronic protective coatings
an electronic pcb submerged in water

Turnkey Solution Reliability

Our all-in-one solution of the best people, processes, material science, and equipment is readily deployed, delivering you custom, guaranteed outcomes, Reliability is as simple as turning a key to unlock your possibilities.


Peace of Mind

From Fortune 100 companies to trailblazing businesses, we have not let a single customer down. Since our inception, there have been zero product returns attributed to coating issues.


a tablet working while submerged underwater because of HZO's electronic protective coatings

Segments We Serve

The Consumer Electronics marketplace is expected to reach approximately $1.787 trillion in 2024.

Consumer Electronics

The consumer electronics marketplace is exponentially growing, expected to reach approximately $1.787 trillion in 2024, and we expect more out of these devices than ever before.

We used to use phones to “reach out and touch someone.” Today’s smartphones need to reach out and touch everything, along with wireless audio, tablets, laptops, and other portable gadgetry. We expect much from this gadgetry that is still susceptible to spills, splashes, and submersion.

Smart Homes

There will be 68.5 million domiciles that utilize smart home technology by 2024, simplifying day-to-day life as we know it.

Making our houses more intelligent is convenient, but what happens with things go wrong? Extreme temperatures, humidity, chlorinated liquids, and sticky beverages can make their way into the electrical components that control and manage our homes.

68.5 domiciles will utilize smart home technology by 2024.
53.63 million active smart city connections by 2025 in the European Union alone.

Connected Cities

The adoption of smart city tech is rapidly growing. There will be 53.63 million active smart city connections by 2025 in the European Union alone.

Cameras monitor traffic flows, adjusting lights accordingly, and noise sensors alert authorities to possible danger. To keep a city running, cost contained, and citizens safe, every device in the network must be running too.

Safety & Security

Consumer spending for smart home surveillance cameras will reach $9.7 billion by 2023 as demand for connected security devices increases.

Security cameras and outdoor and environmental sensors are just a few devices that must withstand the elements every day. Rain, high wind, and even pollution can find their way past existing safeguards, corrupting essential circuitry.

Home surveillance camera purchases will reach $9.7 billion by 2023.

Telecommunication industry is expected to reach $600.1 billion in the United States alone by 2023.

Telecommunication & Utilities

Revenue for the telecommunications industry is expected to reach $600.1 billion in the United States alone by 2023.

Cell phone towers, wind turbines, and utility meters are critical infrastructure regularly exposed to different elements. Salt fog, humidity, rain, hail, snow, pollution, and dust storms are a genuine threat to these mission-critical devices.

Why HZO?

At HZO, protection is a principle intentionally practiced throughout our business process. From the moment we formulate a prescriptive outcome, to the very last step in our proprietary protection procedures, we are with you every step of the way, increasing yield and driving down costs.

If you are looking for a partner to do the heavy lifting, walking you from inception to a guaranteed outcome, connect with us. When it comes to coatings, we’ve got you covered!



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