Article Highlight: ‘Smarter Coatings Needed to Protect Smart Energy Meters from Harsh Environments’ HZO’s John Sandilands in Solar Builder Publication

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John Sandilands | Originally Published in Solar Builder, March 2022

  • Despite the technical maturity and value of smart meters, there is potential for component failures.
  • Smart meter failure can be expensive and result in warranty claims, failure analysis costs, unnecessary logisitcs, and brand damage.
  • Conformal coatings are a logical and necessary method of protecting smart meters from harsh environments.
  • Parylene provides superior conformality, with a uniform, controllable thickness that is entirely pinhole-free.
  • It is inert, thermally stable between -200°C and 125°C and higher, has a dielectric strength of 7 kV/mil, and provides excellent barrier protection against moisture, corrosives, chemicals, gases, and fungus.

By incorporating the advanced technology of Parylene coatings, smart meter life expectancy is improved in ways other methods cannot.

Ryan Moore

Ryan is a 9-year veteran to the world of protecting electronics from harsh environments and a lover of all things technology.

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