Critical Protection that Keeps Smart Homes Running

Smart home systems maximize comfort and convenience with the capacity to control, monitor, and regulate household functions. As consumers increasingly prefer interacting with and automating their dwellings, smart home market growth is soaring, with a projected value of $182.422 by 2025.

Smart Home Reliability Hazards

Smart Home Applications that HZO Coatings Protect Include:

Home Monitoring/Security

Outdoor doorbells  

Security cameras 

Smart door locks 

Sensor Applications

Smoke alarms

Motion sensors

Carbon monoxide alarms



Smart lighting

Smart displays

Smart Appliances

Washing machines 


Air conditioners 

Smart Home Environments Can Be Harsh and Require Protection

Connected home products enable many functions, and as such, face exposure to a variety of harsh environments.

Outdoor elements that can jeopardize devices such as a video doorbell or security camera include:

  • Pollution
  • Humidity
  • Adverse weather conditions
  • Salt fog
  • High temperatures that could cause other protection methods to fail.

Indoors, smart speakers used in kitchens or other portable devices may face splashes or even full submersion, as well as contact with cleaning products. Meanwhile, appliances such as smart washing machines require powerful waterproofing protection.

HZO Coatings: Versatile Smart Home Protection

Our smart home coating capabilities are as extensive as the environments and functions of the products you need to protect. The following images show our Parylene coating performance when subjected to salt fog and humidity under the following parameters:

  • Temperature – 35°C
  • Concentration – 5% NaCl by weight
  • Duration – 168 hours
tooltip text

Control board showing massive corrosion


Control board showing massive corrosion


Control board showing massive corrosion

Uncoated Board

tooltip text

No corrosion

HZO Coated Board

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An environmentally friendly solution that can meet any Ingress Protection claim, our Parylene coatings can pass all IPC CC-830C tests at 50% of the film thickness of the traditional conformal coatings. This minimized film thickness aligns with consumer electronics design trends emphasizing miniaturized devices with smaller form factors. Additionally, HZO offers a turnkey solution that easily integrates into your production and multiple business models so that you can provide reliable, miniaturized devices to your consumers. For more information, contact us today or fill out a quote form.

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