HZO Investor Profile: Harris & Harris Group

Today we are highlighting one of the earliest private equity investors in HZO, Harris & Harris, a publicly traded company listed on NASDAQ under the ticker symbol, TINY. H&H follows a distinctive investment approach, described as BIOLOGY+, the intersection of biology coupled with interdisciplinary innovation coming from another technical field including materials science, chemistry, physics, engineering and electronics.

The H&H team spends a significant amount of time tracking and discussing promising new technologies. In HZO’s case, H&H foresaw the emergence of wearable technology and realized that for wearables to go mainstream, these devices needed to be safe when exposed to sweat and water, and their resulting corrosion.

HZO is in good company in the H&H portfolio, which also includes investments in other electronic-related companies including semiconductors, telecommunications and data communications, and metrology and test measurement.

HZO is fortunate that Doug Jamison, H&H’s CEO, also serves as the Chairman of our Board of Directors, offering keen insight and invaluable advice as HZO continues to march forward, evolving from start-up to growth company.


Ryan Moore

Ryan is a 9-year veteran to the world of protecting electronics from harsh environments and a lover of all things technology.

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