Lightweight Wearable Coatings Proven to Protect Your Product in Harsh Environments

Wearable products enjoy popularity with consumers as advancements in sensors, battery life, and features escalate demand. Still, they are worn on the body and are therefore exposed to numerous hazards that can jeopardize their reliability.

Wearables Reliability Hazards

Wearables will likely face exposure to:




Corrosive Sprays



Reliable Design Challenges

Integrating seals or thick, conventional conformal coatings into wearables design can cause RF signal disruption as the bulky materials may interfere with connectivity. Additionally, as more processing gets packed into smaller spaces, constraints with legacy protection present themselves.

HZO Coatings for Wearables

Our coatings protect wearables from hazards common to their everyday environment. Unlike conventional conformal coating materials, Parylene is applied in a thin layer, facilitating RF signal transmittance. HZO coatings make it easy to design and produce competitive wearable products that can exceed expectations now and well into the future.

Thickness (μm)
Relevant Standards
Protection Level
0.1 to 5
IEC 60529
5 to 12.5
IEC 60529
12.5 to 25
IEC 60529

Parylene thickness and Ingress Protection (IP rating) Correlation 

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