How to Avoid Product Failure by Design

Proven Methods to Prevent Hardware Failure using Thin-Film Protective Coatings

In this technically-focused webinar, you will learn how to prevent and eliminate costly repairs and service calls by adopting next-generation thin-film and nanocoating solutions. You will discover how these solutions can provide a more reliable and durable product experience while delivering incremental benefits associated with your design’s thermal and electrical properties. Finally, you’ll hear practical examples on how leading OEMs have achieved greater product performance and customer satisfaction through a systematic approach of providing better product protection.

In this webinar, you will learn:​

  1. How nanocoatings are redefining device protection
  2. Why traditional conformal coatings and mechanical seals fall short
  3. Three things to know about material selection to drive better reliability
  4. How optimizing the coating application process yields better results
  5. How to quantify the ROI of thin-film coatings


James Tosh

Senior Director, Application Engineering

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