HZO | Waterproof Technology for Electronics
HZO's waterproofing technology provides manufacturers, OEMs and device makers with solutions that change how people use electronics.
HZO, waterproof electronics, water protection for electronics
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HZO technology solutions make electronics waterproof and resistant to corrosion. By applying a thin-film material directly to printed circuit board assemblies (PCBAs), sensors and other components during manufacturing, HZO can protect electronics from accidental splashes, sweat, humidity, industrial liquids, and even full submersion.
The Parylene-based coating protects electronics of all sizes and levels of complexity, from large LED billboards to tiny MEMS sensors. Damage and failure caused by exposure to environmental hazards are a thing of the past. Electronics should last longer and be able to go anywhere. HZO makes it possible.

HZO technology provides liquid submersion protection, corrosion prevention and high volume manufacturing solutions for consumer electronics, wearable technology, medical devices and industrial components.



Partnerships and licensing for OEM’s and manufacturers


Solutions that scale and protect against liquid damage and corrosion


Freedom to do more with electronics and devices in any industry

Submersion Protection from HZO: Coming to a Device Near You

Even though we don’t protect personal electronics for people doesn’t mean we don’t want you to have access to our powerful technology that lets you use your devices anywhere. We’re working hard to ensure that the next generation of waterproof smartphones, wearable technology and other electronic devices hit the market with HZO’s advanced water protection already applied. Follow us online to get a preview of upcoming events, and to stay in the know about how being protected by HZO technology is changing where people use electronics.

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