Liquid Protection Solutions | Nanotechnology
Our cutting-edge nanotechnology is the only complete liquid and corrosion protection solution for electronic devices. See why HZO sets the world standard.
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As many device owners can attest, the combination of any liquid and electronics can quickly short-circuit and end the useful life of our most prized devices. HZO has solved this problem, providing manufacturers and device makers with a powerful nanotechnology solution that inoculate electronic components and devices from damage and failure caused by exposure to any kind of liquid.

Rather than keep water away from  the sensitive components of a device by trying to keep water out, HZO’s technology allows for full liquid ingress, protecting electronics from not only accidental drips and splashes, but also against full and extended submersion. That’s because our thin film nanocoating creates a pinhole free barrier that is applied directly to the sensitive circuitry, making electronics resistant to corrosion and damage caused by liquids and humidity, as well as providing a barrier that protects against dust, debris and other particle contaminants. Contact us today to understand how our cutting edge submersion protection technology can be seamlessly integrated into the design and development of  your company’s products.

Our nanotechnology solution has been developed entirely in house by our team of expert researchers, engineers, scientists and product developers.

HZO created a licensable technology to provide integrated, end-to-end solutions for manufacturers, large and small, that are looking to solve the problems associated with accidents and consistent exposure to water and corrosives in real world situations. Our team of engineers has been testing and validating our solution over the years to ensure it is at the vanguard of protection against liquids and corrosion.

Industry standards compliance and testing performance demonstrate the effectiveness of HZO’s protective technology.



  • High Corrosion Resistance
  • Humidity Resistivity: MIL spec STD-810
  • Salt Resistivity: MIL spec STD-810
  • Thermal Conductivity: 0.084 (W/(m·K))
  • Thermal Stability: Tested stable from -50°C to 120°C
  • Toxicity: Non-Toxicity Certificate of Compliance
  • Vapor Transmission Rate: ASTM E96; 0.25 for water vapor/0.31 for water
  • Vibration: MIL spec STD-833 method 2007.3 condition A
Devices protected by HZO can perform to the equivalent of IPX7 standards depending upon the device type and configuration to which they are applied. To meet this standard, our technology is capable of protecting full functionality at the standard depth of 1 meter for at least 30 minutes.

Depending on device design parameters, our solution can work far beyond the levels of standards that define water protection as the absence or lack of liquid ingress.

Our technology offers an unparalleled level of protection, and our technical team works closely with engineers and product designers to ensure that consumers are taking full advantage of HZO protected electronics.