Should I Bring the Parylene Process In-House?

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Parylene coatings, applied with the chemical vapor deposition (CVD) process, are prevalent for increasing electronic reliability throughout many industries. The thin, polymeric films form barrier layers that allow components to withstand harsh environments that may entail corrosion, chemical exposure, liquid submersion, or more.

If you have chosen to include Parylene in your product design to provide a more reliable product, you may be wondering if you should outsource the coating process, or if coating components might be more appropriate as an inside job you take on yourself. Ultimately, the decision will hinge upon your business requirements. This article will give you the preliminary information you need to get started.

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Outsourced Parylene Coating

In an outsourcing situation, you would ship your components to a third-party coating company that will handle the entire process for you. With this business model, you do not have to invest in equipment or material, because the supplier would have all that is needed to get started. Furthermore, there is no need to find a train a staff that would be required for in-house coating services.

However, drawbacks include the need to transport your parts, which could be cost-prohibitive or could result in damage if the parts are not handled properly. Additionally, when you outsource the coating process, you will need to relinquish a good amount of control over the process, so it is important to choose a supplier you can trust.


In-House Parylene Coating

When you coat parts in-house, you will be responsible for the coating process, including purchasing labor, equipment, raw materials, staffing and training, and reworking. With this model, you have full visibility over the coating system and the capacity to control aspects of the process, such as inspection, materials use, and speed. Another benefit is the ability to quickly make changes to the process and get started right away. With in-house coating, you eliminate the need for packing and shipping and save money that way.

Some disadvantages include upfront investment costs to implement in-house coating and the fact that it will take time to see any return on this investment. Another downside is a lack of flexibility when it comes to changing a setup in response to a production need.

How to Decide Which Business Model is Best

To determine which business model is best for your company, consider your production requirements’ volume, complexity, and criticality, any transportation and security concerns, and the resources you have available. Do you have the ability to staff and train, and the required space, labor, and capital to get started with in-house coating? Where would the CVD equipment be placed, and how many chambers would be necessary?

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As a general rule of thumb, if volume requirements are smaller (100s to 1,000s parts per year), it may be more prudent to outsource the Parylene coating process. Manufacturers with larger volume requirements, along with those that have large, mission-critical, or highly complex parts, would be better candidates for in-house CVD.


Parylene Coating Services In-House or Outsourced with HZO

Whatever business model you choose, when you work with HZO, we put the power of our turnkey coating solution to work so you can begin coating your components right away with an adaptable, scalable solution. For more information on our turnkey solution or coating services, contact our team today for a consultation.

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