PRISMVIEW and HZO Bring Reliability to Light


HZO was able to help PRISMVIEW increase customer satisfaction with its turnkey solution. HZO coated more electronic parts in 2019 than the previous eight years combined.

Sarcos Robotics Selects HZO Coatings – Helping Make Mission-Critical Robots Possible


HZO’s ability to offer multiple masking options makes it the ideal solution for small-batch or high-volume production. HZO helped Sarcos meet IP65 ingress protection ratings.

Scaleable Reliability


When an industry-leading consumer electronics brand introduced hearables that required reliable waterproof/sweatproof protection congruent with its product design, form factor, and brand equity, it turned to the HZO Application Engineering team to meet these needs.

About HZO Case Studies

HZO case studies tell the stories of our valued partnerships and describe how we helped our customers overcome environmental challenges, helping them to exceed market and industry expectations. There has not been a single product return attributed to our coating issues for our customers since our inception. Interested in discovering how we can help you provide a more reliable product? Let us know.

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