HZO Releases Major Study on Criticality of Waterproofing Electronics

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Leading Analyst Firm believes manufacturers should offer liquid protection as a standard feature, carriers and channels should require it from OEM partners, and consumers should demand it.

RALEIGH, NC – October 30, 2019 – HZO, a global leader in delivering world-class protective nano coatings that safeguard electronics from the most demanding corrosive and liquid environments, today released the findings of an IDC survey that was commissioned by HZO, identifying the importance of protecting electronics.

According to (IDC), by 2025, there will 41.6 billion connected IoT devices. Because the value they generate to consumers and enterprises is enormous, the need for reliability and durability will increase exponentially, making protection against liquids, dust, and other industrial environments an essential feature. As the use of electronics proliferates, concerns regarding accidents grow immeasurably.

With over 4 billion smartphones in use, reaching 57% of the world’s population, they are the perfect proxy for studying the importance of liquid protection. The research found that 86% of smartphone users in the U.S. consider durability important when purchasing a phone, and the majority list water protection as a top-three concern.

Liquids are the second biggest cause of smartphone accidents behind cracked screens, but the damage is often catastrophic. While many devices promote water protection, the standards referenced are not representative of real-world conditions. Further, most manufacturers exclude damage by liquids from the warranty. 33% of consumers spent more than $400 to repair damage due to liquids, and 41% spent over $800 replacing their device, as they were unrepairable.

“Reducing liquid damage should be a strategic decision to drive business growth, contributing to higher customer retention and brand loyalty,” said Francisco Jeronimo, Associate Vice President of Devices at IDC. “Because devices are important in our lives, people are keener on paying more for a device that performs better and offers the quality and durability needed.”

“Waterproofing electronics is simply good business, ensuring device reliability and user satisfaction while eliminating unnecessary service costs and product liability,” said Stephen Gold, Chief Commercial Officer at HZO.  “It is no longer good enough to promise waterproof protection. It’s time to give consumers and businesses what they really need – complete protection from all things life throws at their device.”

Additional highlights from the research include:

  • Today, 78% of smartphone owners consider liquid protection to be essential against accidents
  • 60% of smartphone users who had an accident with liquids, plan to replace their smartphones with one that offers liquid protection
  • 65% of smartphone users are willing to pay up to $70 more for an identical smartphone with liquid protection
  • IDC research shows that people with smartphones that offer full liquid protection buy 2X more apps and services than those with no protection
  • Next-generation solutions will go beyond preventing water from entering the device to ensuring components inside the device are protected

For more on the IDC White Paper, sponsored by HZO, Inc., visit here – Accelerating Business Growth by Reducing Liquid Damage


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