Waterproof Smartphones – The Next Step in Gadget Evolution

Mobile phones have become an integral part of our everyday lives. From elementary-school-aged kids, to your great-grandparents, it seems that everyone has their own personal cellphone these days. These devices are now designed with features to keep us constantly connected with phone calls, text messages, Tweets, and even “Face Time” – but that hasn’t always been the case. Remember thinking you’d always have a landline phone? Things are changing and it’s interesting to think about what is coming next.

The Need for Waterproof Smartphones

iPhone 8 being splashed by water– Source: Apple.com

iPhone 8 – Source: Apple.com

Currently, water damage is responsible for 82.5 million mobile phone deaths a year in the United States alone. Other surveys have come up with their own statistics as well, boasting stats like: 19% of phones end up in the toilet, 29% of phones end up with a drink spilled on them, and 5% of phone-owners have put their phone through the washing machine. If you are one of the unfortunate people that have found yourself part of those statistics, you understand the need for a permanent solution to water damage.

Luckily, there is a company out there who developed a solution that will change the mobile world. HZO’s water-protective nanotechnology will protect phones on the molecular level from water, coffee, soda, and other liquids that might kill your device. Since HZO has decided to go the route of working directly with manufacturers, this means your next device could have HZO already built into the next smartphone you own.

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Waterproof Smartphones – “The Next Big Thing”

Think the idea of a smartphone that could stand up to a dunk in the toilet sounds awesome? So do we. But here’s the big question: why would any manufacturer want to incorporate a technology that could potentially generate fewer sales due to less devices being damaged by water? Here are some of the reasons why adopting water protection isn’t as far off as you’d think:

  • Consumer demand for water-protective technology is high. According to a survey conducted by TNS Global Research, 70% of consumers believe water resistance is an important feature to have in their next phone. Consumers are the ones purchasing manufacturers’ products; therefore, they drive many of the features and trends we see in the technology market. So, if enough people are this as an important feature to have in their next smartphone, you had better believe the device manufacturers are listening.
  • Manufacturers aren’t the only ones involved in the life of a mobile phone – mobile phone carriers, such as Sprint and AT&T, have a lot of say when it comes to product design and required features. This is mainly because when it comes to damaged devices and phone warranty repairs, mobile phone carriers are the ones paying for those costs. You had better believe carriers are looking for a way to cut down on those costs as much as possible.
  • Everyone likes to be the first, the most innovative, and the one to set the bar for the rest of their competition. Adopting an exciting, groundbreaking technology that could potentially save millions of customers the heartbreak of having to replace their precious device is a great way to get people to look at, and ultimately choose, your product over someone else’s.


So what are your thoughts: do you think the industry is ready to take on the task of creating waterproof smartphones, or are you convinced that there are too many roadblocks standing in the way? Let’s hear your thoughts!

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