Parylene Coating Cost – It Doesn’t Have to Be an Arm or a Leg

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January 29, 2021

According to IDC, there will be 55.7 billion connected devices across the globe, with 75% connected to an IoT platform. These devices follow the trajectory of Moore’s law, concurrently becoming smaller and more competent, and more critical. Now capable of managing crucial infrastructures, device reliability is integral, no matter the operating environment, no matter the application.

Product design teams are abandoning mechanical seals and gaskets as means of protection. These bulky, aesthetic deterrents are not reliable enough for next-generation devices. Instead, they turn to conformal coatings to protect electronics from conditions such as humidity, liquid exposure, corrosives, and contaminants that can cause irrevocable damage.

These polymeric films serve as a barrier to outside elements and include materials such as acrylics, urethanes, silicones, epoxies, and Parylenes, with Parylene considered the “gold standard.” What is Parylene, and why is Parylene the best conformal coating?

Benefits of Parylene Coating

Parylene protection is considered superior for a good reason. It boasts excellent electrical properties, including high dielectric strength and low dielectric constant, as well as better protection against chemicals, gases, corrosion, and a broad range of environmental conditions. Parylene is exceptionally lightweight, suitable for miniaturized devices, and has truly uniform thickness upon the substrate’s surface. Furthermore, Parylene provides pinhole-free coverage for unusual shapes, crevices, and sharp edges, and no curing cycle is required.

Parylene is a Good Investment

Although Parylene can be considered more costly than other coating materials, an accurate assessment of protection value should focus on both direct and indirect expenses when determining total applied cost. The conformal coating application’s expense is not the full measure of its value over an electronic product’s life cycle.

Parylene demonstrates top performance under challenging conditions and has an enhanced ability to preserve product function over time. As a result, Parylene reduces the possibility of warranty claims, field failures, recalls, and downtime over time, making it one of the most economical coating options due to a substantial reduction in the total cost of ownership.

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HZO conformal coating chambers

It Doesn’t Have to Cost an Arm or a Leg at HZO

Manual masking and demasking, the process of sealing off parts like connectors, screens, lenses (parts with functionality that may be hampered with conformal coating coverage), can add to the cost of application, requiring manual labor costs. But with intellectual property based on innovative processes and materials designed to streamline the process, HZO is a leading expert when it comes to masking, meeting production and budget needs with solutions including semi-automated masking and automated masking.

Many of our proven masking products and solutions can’t be found elsewhere in manufacturing, so you can feel confident that we have invested in your bottom line regarding quality, efficiency, and throughput.

In addition to masking automation, HZO has a unique take on the Parylene coating application process, using optimized coating chambers that coats more devices simultaneously than any other Parylene supplier in the industry, allowing for scalability.

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As the leading provider of thin-film solutions, HZO offers other protection options as well, including nanocoatings. Depending upon the solution you need, masking may not even be required with our HZO Sentinel series, as they are thin enough to allow connect-through without interfering with sensitive electronic components.

The Big Picture

What matters most to you matters most to us. That’s why we created our Spectrum of Protection™ suite of material solutions to create protection tailored to your specific required outcome. Reach out to one of our SMEs to learn more about getting the reliable protection you need.

Many of our proven masking products and solutions can’t be found elsewhere in manufacturing, so you can feel confident that we have invested in your bottom line regarding quality, efficiency, and throughput.


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